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Do I need to use glyphs?

By Tiraddos#8908 January 13, 2016, 16:31:07

I'd want to make a Feca mostly for support, but I also would want to dish some damage. Would I have to use glyphs? Fire and Water is the most desirable branch for me because really... It seems most supportive. Besides, Magma and Bubble Armor are really good spells. Crash Wave is powerful as well, and I think I can throw a Avalanche glyph somewhere. Flame Carpet only give us problems imo. However, I'm unsure how it does about damage. Any opinions?

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That's only good if you are going solo. In any party a feca is better off boosting everyone's damage.

The best glyph for feca's imo, is Fecablades. It's perfect for locking. (Tonic for supporting). Dont use avalanche glyphs tho, a lot of mobs's IA is programmed to push u right into it.
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Flaming carpet and avalanche are amazing when going Solo like i do here

Avalanche and Fecablades are good when tanking despite mobs being programmed to push you there, you just have to position a Mob and yourself correctly which is not hard to do with teleport,magma and steam in your kit.

Fecablades is like tiraddos said, the best glyph for grouping

also from black wabbit dungeon onwards bosses renew their immunnities at the start of their turns making Flaming carpet not that good for boss fights.

in addition you can leave avalanche and fecablades at level 100 since that's the level they remove the most ap/mp.

Long story short. Glyphs are nice to have but are only mandatory for Feca mains that don't like to rely on other people for leveling up but droppable if the Feca is either a hero or a multi-account

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