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A Quick Glyph Question

By Friya#3680 January 03, 2016, 17:04:03

So started playing again about a week and a bit ago and decided to make a Feca smile and been really enjoying it so far in group teleporting people/mobs everywhere lol.

But I have one question, because remeber seeing this a while a go but it might have changed from last since I played by then lol

I saw one Feca recast his gylph to a new position, is that still possible to do because I keep forgetting when the glyphs will end and when they do and the boss is set free then bad things happen lol.



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you can no longer move glyphs, what you saw was a feca with the elementor passive placing a new one, since the one on the ground was already over and would have dissapeared the next time it would "trigger"

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This might be a little necro but I'll answer anyway, you might have seen the old feca if it was a while ago since the old feca could tele flux themselves then move their glyphs' position with other spells

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