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Glyphs, AOE, and fav feca weapons

By treevamp1#8526 - MEMBER - November 17, 2015, 01:26:21

Do glyphs benefit from AOE damage? I'm thinking of using the Chop-Chop. What are some other favorite feca weapons? My feca friend is level 125 ish.

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Yes it does. I've been told that the fire glyphs does damage based on aoe damage. Also the water -AP and earth -MP also does some damage i think. However orb armor/Shield is single target ! so you must decide...

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Hey, Nutella here. All 3 of Fecas damaging glyphs do in fact scale with AOE damage. This being said, as @Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm said, shields scale off of single target. Around level 125, I would say chop-chop is a great weapon to use because of its very high elemental damage ontop of the aoe damage, not to mention the lock it has. When it comes to higher level weapons it really comes down to preference. I personally use Relay Kamasword since it has the highest 4 ele resist for a 1hand weapon, along with a decent base damage. Some other late game options could be something like Glaivus Shushu for extra lock and high elemental damage, or possibly Frappus Shushu for more control and block. Hope this helps! ^.^

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