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Feca's Shield; How To & What For! [Guide]

By Leyrio#2100 - MEMBER - February 05, 2015, 07:32:06
Feca's Shield; How To & What For! [Guide]

This is not an attempt to one up Mechazerker, and props for him for doing such a brilliant job on his own guide! However I felt that it was a bit cluttered, and some things could have been improved upon. Some folks also like to have multiple references when building a class as well.. and let me tell you this; for a class that requires much love and patience to come to fruition? I don't blame them!

I play a Feca by the name of Fenrir on the Nox Server, an almost Lv 13X Feca that has been around pretty much since the start of the Closed Beta! While much has changed about the class and it feels like that some skills are redundant or pointless.. my love for Goddess Feca's little protectors (and Bonta) has remained stalwart and sturdy.

Before we get too much in-depth with the guide, here are some common facts about Feca that you should know before resolving to play one;

1) Critical Hit is also important in a Feca build, as triggering Glyphs or Armors with a Critical Hit can boost the spell level by upwards of 25%!

2) As a Feca, you have access to more Block and Lock boosting Passives than any other class. You are the premier tank, and if set up correctly can soak so much damage that it will make a maxed HP/Earth Sacrier jealous.

3) If you want to deal damage then this class is not for you. The Earth Spells for Feca are notoriously weak and are meant to be used for survival, whilst fire and water spells are average at best. This class is best suited for Support and Tank roles. However elemental damage for a Feca does play an important roll in the strength of damage absorption shields!

4) The duration of Feca Armors/Glyphs are dependent on the type of spell used to trigger them.. but all function in the same manner; usually their effects start at the beginning of the target's next turn, and the plates reduce count by 1 at the start of the Feca's turn.. not at the end of the round.

5) Control determines how many Armors/Glyphs you can have out in the field at any one time, regardless of whether or not they are active or not. CMC Damage can also boost the damage dealt by Natural Harmor and Flaming/Pheles Glyphs.. but it is unknown if CMC Damage affects shield strength for the Steam Glyph or Crashing Wave Armor.

Important Stats:

Elemental Damage
Elemental Resists
Multi-Target Lock

Useful Stats:

Hit Points
Critical Hits
CMC Damage
Single Target & Distance Damage

So without further ado.. lets take it from the very top with your very own Feca Active and Passive Specialties! I will break them down into two groups for you for easier reading!


Glyph or Armor, a must have for any Feca build!

This should be on the top of your priority list, as Glyph or Armor starts what Feca are known best for; glyphs and armors! We will go into MUCH detail later about the different types of glyphs and armors, but there is a few things I would like to cover first.

The amount of armors and glyphs you can have going at any one time in combat (active AND neutral) is limited by your Control. Leveling this specialty will not increase your Control, but will allow you to place neutral armors/glyphs at a REDUCED cost and INCREASED range.. with Level 7 removing the MP Cost while Max Level removes the Line of Sight requirement entirely, giving it wonderful synergy with Fire-based glyphs that do not require Line of Sight either!

Also, if this spell is cast on a Glyph/Armor, triggered or neutral.. you are refunded the cost of the spell and it destroys the target Glyph/Armor. Just know however that the refund does not mean a free cast, and that you are required to have the cost available in order to use the spell. Casting this on stacked glyphs will remove all glyphs, but only refunds the points used to cast the spell.. and the spell also cannot be used to remove glyphs or armors cast by another Feca.

Perfect Armor, the 'oh gobball' button!

Useful only when fighting with a team, this specialty skill renders the target completely immune to damage and removes them from Line of Sight, whilst also removing their ability to Lock. Lasting one turn starting from when the Feca casts it on the target, and ending when the Feca starts their next turn.. this spell is invaluable for those moments where you need to protect someone from an unfortunate situation- such as being surrounded by Big Whispered Cracklers and stunned.. to give a rather wonderful example.

However do not confuse damage immunity with status immunity..! The target that has this armor on can still be stunned or lose AP/MP from various effects. This spell cannot be casted on Sidekicks, either.

Leveling this Specialty Skill will INCREASE the range with which you can cast the spell, while also simultaneously lowering the AP/WP Cost. At level 5 the AP cost of this spell will INCREASE, but the WP cost will DECREASE. In the end, maxed Perfect Armor costs a mere 3 AP and 1 WP, and it is guaranteed to save lives.

Teleportation Flux, hug me.. we will go places!

Teleportation Flux has a scary name, and a rather scary description.. at first it will seem imposing, but when you are through with this guide? You will know how to handle it like a pro! It is important to realize that the only time this spell consumes AP/WP is when you attempt to teleport onto a glyph, or attempt to teleport with a target in front of you.. otherwise it refunds the points. Just because it gives them back however does not mean it's free! You will still need the AP/WP required to cast the spell in order for it to work!

Leveling this Specialty Skill will DECREASE the AP/WP cost, whilst INCREASING the range. It is important to note however that in the end, unless you plan to actually teleport around.. that you derive no benefit from leveling the skill if you just plan to use it for stacking glyphs, as you only need to cast it on yourself in order to start the process. It is also important to know that this spell cannot be used on Neutral Glyphs, and you also cannot move Neutral Glyphs.

Useful for separating allies or enemies from groups, or tossing out a distant glyph to teleport to it.. just remember that both have very distinct requirements. If you wish to teleport with another entity, you must be FACING them. If you wish to teleport to a Glyph, that glyph must be active and in your Line of Sight. These uses of teleportation will NOT refund the cost, so be careful when you use them!

Provocation, doing a fine job against Players that use it.

Perhaps the most controversial Specialty Skill a Feca has, it is not really recommended to use this for PvE reasons.. but if you enjoy annoying someone in PvP by reducing their damage output unless they attack you specifically? Go for it!

It is important to note that, whether it is a bug or working as intended, Provocation will not guarantee that an enemy will attack you. Furthermore recently the damage reduction effect when an enemy attacks a target besides the Feca has also been removed PvE-wise. This is a risky skill, and for now I would highly advise you to spend your points in something guaranteed to work; like Perfect Armor.

Leveling this Specialty Skill will REDUCE the AP cost whilst INCREASING the range, and ultimately can only be casted twice in a single turn.

Inversion, making shields bash since 2012!

This Specialty Skill takes time to develop and at first may seem weak.. but at higher levels such as 80 and beyond where you have upwards of +350 (50%) in resistances? This skill will ultimately have less of an impact upon your total resists and will give a substantial increase to your damage! The higher you are on that resist curve where you begin to receive diminishing returns based on your resists? The more this spell begins to shine!

Leveling this Specialty Skill will REDUCE the AP/WP cost whilst INCREASING the range and the strength of the -resist/+damage% effect, with Level 6 costing no WP at all, and Max Level having no cost period! This spell is incredibly useful for ALL Feca builds, as you can use it to increase your own damage- therefore benefitting your shield strength and glyph damage- or increase the damage of your allies, which is premier support material!

Some key things to note; this spell will only lower the Feca's resistance, NOT the resist of the target. It can also be cast only once per turn. You cannot stack Inversion on a single target if you have multiple Feca in the team, and you can only have one instance of Inversion cast by you at any time.. meaning once you cast it? You must disable it if you want to cast it on another target.


Untouchable, a walking brass quartet!

This Passive is very straight forward; for every level you gain +1 Block, and for every two~three levels you gain +1 Block per Ally in your team. At Max Level you will have +20 Block with +8 per Ally, meaning that in groups of six you will have a total bonus of +60 Block. Sidekicks count as allies in battle, so even if you solo, dragging around a couple of Sidekicks to fill out the group will ensure maximum use of the Passive. Summons/Pets however do not contribute to this tally.

This is a must have for any tank build Feca that is worth their salt, as higher levels you can stack gear to effectively give you around +95 Block or even +100 if you build correctly. Block is a useful trait, as for each point of Block you have translates directly into 1%.. meaning that +95 Block is a 95% chance to reduce incoming damage by 30%!

I like to call this Passive 'Final Reduction +30%', as that is what it will feel like when you get higher in level.

Feca Master, it's all about that Control.

This Passive is VERY important if you intend to use Glyphs and Armors, as it is the only Feca Passive that increases your Control. At Level 10 it will give +1 Control, and at Level 20 it will give +2 Control.. all the while boosting your Fire Damage. There is however a third effect that makes this Passive rather special, as it works exceptionally well with the next Passive we will be discussing.

For every AP you start your turn with, you will receive X amount of Lock. At Level 20 this Passive grants you +10 Lock per AP (limited to 120 Lock from 12 AP), which may not seem much at first.. but at higher levels where having 10 AP is the norm? This Passive will give you the third of the Lock you need to cap out Refection.

Refection, not reflection, but good enough!

A very useful Passive, at Max Level this will convert 30% of your total Lock into Resist! Limited to +100 Resist from 300 Lock. While achieving 300 Lock may seem like a daunting task, you should not expect to reliably hit that number until you are beyond Level 100. For those that want to capitalize on this Passive, you should consider 'Multi-Target Lock' rather than straight Lock or Lock/Dodge.

Why do I say this? Well.. it is very simple. For each point of Lock increased through Agility, you gain +3 Lock. For each point of Lock/Dodge increase through Agility, you gain +2 Lock. For each point of Multi-Target Lock you increase through Agility? You gain +2 Lock.. per target adjacent to you. The math is, as I said, simple; all it takes is for you to be surrounded by two enemies to gain +4 Lock, and this can be further increased to +6 for three enemies, and +8 if completely surrounded!

So again, why Multi-Target Lock when using this Passive? Because at higher levels.. being surrounded is a very real scenario, and when you can either have +96 Lock, +64 Lock/+64 Dodge, or a whopping +256 Lock at Level 130? Well.. when used in conjunction with Feca Master.. you pretty much don't need that much Lock gear to cap out Refection's usefulness at all! It is important to note however that you only gain increased Lock from Multi-Target Lock if there is an enemy next to you.. an Ally will not trigger the bonus.


A must have for any Feca wishing to tank- but not as high on the board as Untouchable in my book- this Passive grants +2 Resist per level and ultimately gives +1 Range to Water Spells at Max Level. Yes, I know the description reads '+x% to Resists', but this is labeled in error. The Passive at Max Level only grants +40 Resist to all elements, NOT increase your total resists for those elements by 40%.

At higher levels where resist begins to give diminishing returns, the +40 Resist is almost negligible.. so this would be very useful for budding Feca, as water has some of the more damaging moves at range and +40 Resist at lower levels is substantial. At higher levels it can offset the -resist debuff from Inversion.

Stabilization Aura, how does that even work?!

It is no surprise.. this Passive is a personal pet peeve of mine! While it gives +2 Lock per level for a total of +40 Lock at Level 20, the additional effect of stabilizing the target in front of you is.. practically useless. Many enemies at higher levels have access to spells that allow them to bypass stabilization by knocking you aside.. thus rendering it moot. Of all the specialty skills and passives Feca have? I highly recommend that you avoid this one like the plague!

Bit of a read.. aye? Well hopefully all of your questions involving those were answered! Because now it's time to get into the real meat of the class! Spells! All of them! I will break this down into the three elements, and go into detail about each spell and potential uses. If you see any (+) before Range, that means that the spell is affected by +Range gear! Have at!


Drip, 1 AP, 1-4(+) Range, LoS

A weak spell for damage, the most useful thing you can do with Drip is often the most obscure! Thanks to the low AP cost, you can often 'drip, drip, drip' objects such as an Xelor's Dial, Foggernaut's Rail, Cra's Beacon or even piles of Chafer corpses into non-existence!

However this spell truly shines when you use it in conjunction with Armor. Casting Drip on a Neutral Armor triggers Drip Armor, which gives an ally one free dodge! This renders any need to have Dodge null and void, and the armor can be quickly removed afterwards for free on the same turn if you need to cast another. Since the effect is constant and never scales with level, there is no need to truly level this spell either! It should always be on your hotbar in case of emergency!

Using Teleportation Flux, you can stack Feca Staff Glyphs together, giving multiple AP bonuses in a single turn! Useful for both solo play and group play! If Drip Armor is cast on an enemy however, the enemy is pushed away by 1 tile at the start of the Feca's next turn.

Steam, 3 AP, 2-5(+) Range, LoS

One of the better spells for causing damage, this Spell is also useful because of the glyph you can trigger with it! Trigger a Neutral Glyph with this spell causes steam tiles to jut out in a cross shaped pattern up to two tiles away from the glyph. Allies caught in this cross-shaped glyph will receive a Water Shield on the start of their turn which absorbs 50% of damage taken, up to a certain amount determined by the level of the spell and your Water Damage %.

The more Water Damage % you have, the more damage the shield can absorb. For example; a level 30 Feca lays a Steam Glyph down. The Steam Glyph imparts a shield with 10 HP based on Water. The Feca has 150% Water Damage. This means the shield can absorb 25 HP worth of damage before breaking.

While it is nice to know that the Feca is immediately affected by the shield if the glyph is triggered in his area, the same courtesy is not applied to allies. You also do not need to worry about enemies gaining any beneficial effects from the glyph, as it only affects allies. Also stacking the glyphs do not increase the amount of shielding you receive, and does not give multiple instances of the shield.

Bubble, 2 AP + 1 MP, 3-7(+) Range, NO LoS

The premier Water Spell for its high damage output, Bubble does not have a Line of Sight requirement.. which makes it perfect as it is also used in conjunction with Teleportation Flux to move Flaming Carpet glyphs! Just remember though that you can only use it up to two times in a single turn!

When used to trigger a Neutral Armor on an ally, this spell has a chance to increase that ally's range. If applied to an enemy however, it has a chance to reduce their range before subsequently granting them immunity afterwards. This is great if you want to squeeze out just a little more range for your water spells if you have Feca Staff glyphs under you, granting you bonus AP per turn!

Avalanche, 5 AP, 3-7 Range, NO LoS

With a lower DpA (Damage per AP) than Crashing Wave, this spell is not as useful as other Water Spells. The high AP cost also makes glyph stacking impractical.. especially when it only has a chance to remove AP! If you are looking for a better damage spell with more utility? You read it just a moment ago.. Bubble I believe it was called! Of course the next one is certainly better too!

Since the range of the spell cannot be modified, it is unaffected by status effects that decrease range.. such as blindness! Meaning Avalanche can also be a premier back-up range spell.

Crashing Wave, 4 AP, 2-6(+) Range, LoS

My own personal favorite.. Crashing Wave is useful as both a damage dealing spell and has wonderful utility when it comes to armor! With the use of Teleportation Flux, you can also move a Pheles Glyph to a new location- but this is hindered somewhat by the fact that Fecastopheles- the spell used to trigger the Pheles Glyph- does not require Line of Sight.. but Crashing Wave does, though Crashing Wave does have a larger range than Fecastopheles, so take that as you will!

Using Crashing Wave on a Neutral Armor grants Crashing Wave Armor.. and the utility is utterly amazing! When used on an ally, they are granted a water shield at the start of their turn (or immediately if cast on the Feca) that absorbs 50% of damage dealt to the bearer, up to a certain amount dependent upon your spell level and Water Damage %.. just like Steam Glyph! When used on an enemy however, it reduces their damage BEFORE it lands on you, using the same function.

Casting Crashing Wave Armor on an ally, as well as an enemy.. yields some pretty hefty damage reductions.. but when used in addition with the Steam Glyph? You can make any ally- even yourself- a walking tank. When two shielding effects are in play, one reduces the damage by 50%, whilst the other reduces the remaining damage by 50%.. meaning you only suffer 25% of damage left over. This can prolong the life of the second shield, but in the end you will still only block as much damage as the shields will allow.


Natural Attack, 2 AP + 1 MP, 1-3(+) Range, LoS

This spell is more powerful than Bubble, and is perhaps the strongest damage spell in a Feca's arsenal in terms of sheer raw damage.. it carries the same two uses per turn restriction that its water counterpart does. This is where the game introduces 'Harmor', harmful armor that applies a negative effect on the bearer, regardless of it being an ally or not. In this case Natural Harmor deals damage at the start of the bearer's turn, and is always at least 50% effective in terms of normal spell damage. This Harmor is good if you want to have a few enemies burn down more quickly in conjunction with the Flaming Carpet Glyph, or just want extra damage in particular.

At higher levels I would advise taking this over Volcanic Harmor, as the resist curve makes the resistance debuff almost negligible.. you would deal more damage with Natural Harmor than you would if you used Volcanic Harmor and a more powerful attack.

Flaming Carpet, 4 AP, 1-5(+) Range, NO LoS

With Max Glyph or Armor, there is no place in a six tile radius you cannot lay down a Flaming Carpet Glyph.. except of course on tiles already occupied by an enemy or ally! Flaming Carpet is perhaps your most useful Fire Spell as a Feca, as the moderate AP Cost and the No LoS requirement make it very useful in group situations.

It is important to note that if you plan on stacking Flaming Carpet glyphs, that they extend in a radius of two tiles around the glyph itself. Friendly fire and even self injury is a high probability with this glyph, but Feca that use Teleportation Flux and Bubble will find that moving these glyphs is a piece of cake! The damage of the Flaming Glyph may at first seem meager with a measly 50% of normal spell damage, but it will soon increase as high as 80% of normal spell damage, if not a little more! Catching at least two targets with this spell ensures that laying this glyph made it all the more worthwhile.

Unlike an Ecaflip's Love Flea glyph or a Rogue's Bomb.. Flaming Glyph only deals damage to a target if they start their turn while standing in the area of effect.. and it damages only that enemy. Walking off and onto the glyph in that same turn will not damage the target, nor will ending the turn on the glyph harm them. This means that Teleportation Flux and awareness of enemy positioning is IMPORTANT!.. but as I stated earlier in this guide, you do not need to level Teleportation Flux in order for it to be useful. Casting it on yourself will refund the cost, and your next Bubble spell cast afterwards will move the glyphs onto the selected tile- occupied by an entity or not!

Volcano, 3 AP, 1-4(+) Range, LoS - LINE

A relatively solid damage dealing spell, Volcano is more prized for its ability to be used in conjunction with Neutral Armor to trigger Volcanic Harmor, which reduces an enemy's resists depending on your spell level alone. I am a fan of resists, but as I have stated many times before in this guide.. at higher levels where resists can get as high as 60% on average, even the maximum debuff of -75 resist from Volcanic Harmor will only sway the resists by 3%~7%. You are better off using another spell for raw damage than weakening it, even when taking into consideration a team.

That is not to say however that perhaps this spell would shine most if used in conjunction of both enemy and ally bearers. As you can see, an ally carrying this Harmor will actually be unaffected by the resistance loss, and every adjacent enemy suffers the resistance debuff. This allows you to stack the debuff and double the resistance loss.. or more if used on multiple close combat allies. Who is to say that perhaps in the end you can achieve upwards -225 Resist if you place the Harmor on two allies and a single enemy? That would be more substantial.. but even then at higher resist levels, specifically 50% (+350) ~ 67% (+500), it would only be useful in team battles.

Meteorite Shower, 2 AP, 1-6(+) Range, LoS

The lowest cost spell is usually the weakest, and in terms of DpA when Meteorite Shower is pit against the other fire spells? You are looking at the weakest Fire Spell a Feca has- now by no stretch does this mean that it is the WEAKEST spell.. we will get to you on that one in the Earth category! .. but do not expect massive numbers of damage with this spell- or can you?!

You see, Meteorite Shower when used on a Neutral Armor triggers Meteorite Harmor, which is perhaps the most utility based Harmor in Feca History. The effects apply to both allies and enemies, meaning that you can either use it to strengthen an ally's already high critical hit rate, or lower an enemy's block rating. Both are incredibly useful.. and for the relatively low cost of setting up the Armor you can buff multiple allies in a single turn.

Used in conjunction with Teleportation Flux, this spell will move a Steam Glyph to the targeted cell, regardless of their being an entity already there or not! Useful for getting the Steam Glyph that much closer to a tank that is in the middle of a fray.. just remember that the ally has to START their turn on the Steam Glyph in order for them to get the benefit of the shield..!

Fecastopheles, 6 AP, 2-3(+) Range, NO LoS

The second strongest Fire Spell in a Feca's arsenal is Fecastopheles, and it looks cool to boot! With a high AP cost and short but modifiable range, this spell is rather tricky to use.. however if used in conjunction with Maxed Glyph or Armor, it allows you to lay a Pheles Glyph without any Line of Sight required! Though arguably this is perhaps more dangerous than a simple Flaming Glyph, and here is why;

When the Pheles Glyph is triggered, it has an area of effect starting with the glyph, and tiles that are adjacent to it. It has less range than a Flaming Glyph, yet deals roughly the same damage as a Flaming Glyph of the same level to boot. So why bother? Well.. because the Pheles Glyph has the unique trait of damaging enemies in a radius of two tiles around the triggering target! This means that you can damage multiple enemies on a single turn- however it comes at a very high risk of injuring yourself or your allies.. so using Teleportation Flux and Crashing Wave to move the Pheles Glyph- or even simply disabling it with a Glyph or Armor spell when done is highly advised!


Fecablades, 4 AP, 1-2(+) Range, LoS

Welcome to the series of spells that have the lowest damage output of all Feca spells! I wish it were not true.. but in the end your equipped weapons will probably deal MORE damage than any Earth Spell combination combined- however, Earth Spells are not meant to be used for raw damage, but survivability!

Each Earth Spell that strikes an enemy applies an Earth Based shield to the Feca that is similar to the water versions from Steam Glyph and Crashing Wave Armor. The shield absorbs 50% of damage up to a certain maximum, dependent on the shield level and your Earth Damage %.

It matters not what combination of spells you use, as in the end most Earth Spells have a rate of 15 Levels of the shield per AP spent, or at lower levels is almost negligible.. as one level of that earthy shield equates to 1 HP of absorption power. What you will be making a decision on is the utility of those spells.. and the prognosis for Fecablades is bad.

You have heard me say it many times, resistances are lower levels are important, but at higher levels they are quite negligible. The resistance curve makes even impressive numbers such as +80 resist from Blade Armor seem foolish in practice.. but realize that this spell also comes with a price of reducing the bearer's damage. This may be good for mitigating some damage from mobs at the cost of boosting their resistance by a small percentage, but ultimately you may be better off using another spell as you cannot stack this one for any sort of accumulative effect. I would go so far to say that even casting Blade Armor on an ally is a troll move.. because if you are looking to reduce their damage, Crashing Wave Armor is a far better option as it absorbs far more damage for the SAME AP cost!

Fecabo, 2 AP, 1-4 Range, LoS

This spell has the same exact DpA as Fecablades, but is still a fraction lower than Fecammer and Defensive Orb.. and by fraction I do mean in terms of 0.5 more damage per AP spent.. but I digress! The main functionality of Fecabo is not only strengthening your Earth Shield but enabling Arrow Armor on a target. Whether it is an ally or enemy, when the Feca starts their next turn that target will be drawn towards them by two tiles.

This armor effect never changes in scale as you level the spell, just like Drip Armor.. so you can get immediate and full use of the armor as soon as you unlock it! Which makes mitigating those pesky kiting mobs like Piwis and Tofus that much easier!

Since the range of the spell cannot be modified, this is one of few spells in a Feca's arsenal that has a reliable range.. as it is unaffected by range decreasing status effects such as blindness!

Fecammer, 5 AP, 1-3(+) Range, LoS - LINE

Summoning a heavy hammer to thump an enemy, this spell is mainly used as a way to increase your Earth Shield strength. When used on a Neutral Glyph it triggers the Fecammer Glyph, which effects targets adjacent to the central glyph by potentially removing MP.

The substantial AP cost of the spell however makes stacking Fecammer Glyphs hard at lower levels, and it is very situational at best. If you are going to use this spell, I would recommend only using it at Level 80 or higher, as then the removal of 1 MP is then almost guaranteed. Keep in mind that the Fecammer Glyph also affects allies! So becareful! If someone is in threat range of the Glyph, using Teleportation Flux and then Natural Attack to move the glyph elsewhere is advised.

Defensive Orb, 3 AP, 1-4 Range, LoS

A slightly better damage spell by half a point per AP spent than other Earth Spells, Defensive Orb has one better range than Fecabo and is also not subject to the same range penalizing status effects such as blind. The best use of Defensive Orb however is seen when you use it to trigger a Neutral Armor, thus enabling Orb Armor on the bearer.

Orb Armor starts as soon as the Feca enables it, and lasts until the start of the Feca's next turn. During that entire time the armor absorbs a direct percentage of damage from each attack, up to 100% at Spell Level 100. In some ways this can be considered a faux Perfect Armor.. but the major difference is that when the armor expires, the damage absorbed is then fully dealt to the bearer.

This is a highly situational armor, as uses can range from giving someone one extra turn of regeneration or healing to potentially survive a savage boss attack.. or to place it on an enemy in PvP that can heal, and allow your team to burn down that same target in a single turn to prevent any sort of healing in the first place. What you do with this armor is up to you.. but I can guarantee I have gotten some pretty good uses out of it!

Feca Staff, 1 AP + 2 MP, 1-3 Range, LoS

Say hello to the diamond in the rough! The most damaging Earth Spell in the Feca's arsenal and perhaps the most useful utility glyph ever! Feca Staff is the one of the most cherished spells a Feca can use. Since the range is not able to be modified, it is not subject to blindness or any range deminishing status effects.. thus meaning it will always be there for you when the going gets tough.. and that is where this spell shines the most!

I cannot stress this enough! You should always place a Neutral Glyph down directly in the space in front of you (or wherever you are moving to) and use Feca Staff whilst standing on the Neutral Glyph. When it triggers it will give you a chance to boost AP. From there you can either hoard the glyph to yourself, or use Teleportation Flux and Drip to throw the glyph onto an ally.. who will hopefully start their turn on the single tile glyph and get that AP bonus as well!

Since Feca Staff can only be used once per turn, this means that it will take a few turns to stack glyphs, but the results can lead to some pretty interesting outcomes- especially when you are beyond Level 100 and have a chance to gain 2 AP per glyph! While perhaps not as useful at lower levels, getting into the habit of laying a Neutral Glyph, walking onto it and using Feca Staff to trigger it will save some headaches in the future, especially if you plan to be a tank or support Feca.

As stated before, this spell shines the most at higher levels where you are guaranteed at least 1 AP per Glyph, and have a chance of gaining 2 AP per glyph.. but also know that stacking these glyphs come with a risk; enemies may not be able to benefit from it, but an enemy can just as easily push you or an ally off a glyph, thus wasting the AP bonus for that turn. If you do it.. make sure you are in a good position to do so!
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