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Support/Lock Feca + Gear Advice

By Lesharo - MEMBER - January 11, 2015, 21:04:06

I'm working on a support/lock feca- currently lvl 138 and am going to respec. I want to be able to run things like Dragonpig and Wa soon.

I was wondering how much gear stats play into water shields/fire harmor.
If I go full tribrid gear to make the most of the shields, it would make getting enough lock more difficult. Could I get away with just water and earth or would volcano harmor suffer too much?

water: Steam, Crashing wave
fire: Volcano, Meteorite Shower
earth: Fecammer, Fecastaff

Glyph (to 7)
Feca master
Teleportation flux
Reflection (to 100% resist)
Stabilization aura
Perfect armor or inversion

Int: Resist, Regen, %hp
Strength: dmg+resists (or 2 dmg+resists:1 hp+resist)
Agility: all lock (when I have enough lock in the future, will try to stat some init)
Chance: block, crit hits
Major: AP, MP, Final Reduction (or Range?)

I welcome any advice or opinions what would be most useful as I head into the more difficult content.

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Hihi I currently have a tri feca myself and I went with the sort of "fake" tri style that you're asking about.

First in terms of harmors in the fire branch the the two you've chosen meteorite and volcano aren't affected by dmg% they're only affected by the level of the spells so you won't be losing any utility there only dmg.

Water and earth shields though, are affected, so if you want to really focus on shields I'd recommend stating dmg into those two eles if you're using dual gear.

Also for gear in general you might actually want to keep regular good dmg gear and also a couple side pieces with the lock you need during special fights like wa wabbit and dp. This is because there's a big gap in lock gear around your level especially amulet and cloak where it skips from 115 gear to around 150 gear.

For your level as long as you can reach the lock minimum and have around 65% resists you should be able to do dp easy although you'll need healer for phase 2-3, my feca, who I actually stated mostly fire water dmg for, could do it at 136. If you have trouble reaching 475+ a bow meow maxed gives 48 lock ^^

In terms of stats I'm not sure you want to go full hp+resists, my friend did it with his feca and since current meta is focused a lot on everyone doing at least ok dd he really regretted it. Also although you're a tank, with current dodge/lock system in most fights enemies can get away from you and with your high resists will quite often ignore you to go for your squishier allies...

Also you might want to stat crit hits first then think amount block/crit dmg as critting when putting on an armor or glyph down will boost it's effects.

Sorry for the long post XD

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Putting hp+res on feca does work and if you want to spice tings up a bit but it wont be as strong as dmg +res because the shields are stronger with more dmg unlike sacrier whose shield depends on more hp. If you do the calculations at 138 changing to hp+res you will have 170% less dmg and your shield will also absorb 170% less dmg. For example lets say your normal stats with water dmg+res are 770% and if you go hp+res they will be 600% steam/crashing wave 138 have a shield of 40/49. With dmg+res you absorb 348/426dmg with hp+res 280/343 and thats 151 less dmg your shield will absorb each turn, same goes with your earth shield. If you go hp+res at 138 you will have 898 more hp than your current hp which does not make up for the loss in earth/water shields and lower damage.

Also, my bad for a long post.

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Thank you both! That is all very helpful, more information is better than less for me!

It will be flipping stats closer to what I have now which is more crit/dmg but going for water/earth gear rather than taking fire.

I currently have 2:1 hp+resist:dmg+resists, so I will go either 1:2 or full dmg+resist.

And stay with block/crit hits since it could boost my shields.

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