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Feca - provocation spell/ability

By Duzy-Sadysta - MEMBER - December 09, 2014, 15:03:25

From description of this ability i can get that monsters will likely attack feca rather than other ally, and secondly it reduce damage by 50% if cast on enemy in pvp if target is not feca.

Im not sure, but those secondary effect - is it work on monsters also. I mean 50% reduction if provoked target is attacking other target than feca ?

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We (feca community) think the pvp effect works against monsters (at least sometimes), and that it is a bug (non-intended, may get patched).

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Ye, it shouldn't work on monsters and this is basically the reason why most Feca's out there won't even bother leveling this. Sometimes, I'd say at max prov, the target of this spell would target the feca around 33% of the time (based on experience) which is helpful in seducing big bosses such as the one in enurado dungeon while teammates work on the other kama chestssmile

This spell is likewise useless in 1 v 1 PVP, but it is GOD-like in group PVP and can easily change the course of the fight.

As I always say, feca is most effective in 2v2-3v3 fights, mainly due to the limit of people we can provoke and available ap.

Prov is still my favorite as I call it the Feca seduction spell. (If you build enough resist, you still won't be targeted and sometimes we end up with 2 hour long pvp fights) Yes, 2 hour long pvp fights do exist (no lag and all)

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