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Feca Shield help

By Athos503 - MEMBER - November 20, 2014, 18:25:41

I used to play earth/water feca years ago and have recently come back. Fecas seemed to have changed quite a bit and I have been having trouble with Feca shield. I cast glyph/armor on myself or a friend and then try to use feca staff or feca hammer on them to activate the feca shield but it never seems to ever activate. I am able to get other armors like harmour or bubble armor to work. Anyone have any insight as to what my problem is?

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The earth spells give you feca shield when you cast them automatically. This is separate to armours created with glyph or armour and doesnt require its casting. You can have for instance: Steam glyph, crashing wave armour and feca shield (created by earth spells) all active at the same time. You cannot give feca shield to another character.

Note in the spell description feca shield is denoted by a star not a shield. If you hover over this it says: "on the caster".

This took me a little while to figure out also.

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oh i see, thank you for the clarification

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