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A Idea by me (Tri Feca) (Mainly fire)

By jdesarno November 14, 2014, 07:32:49

Just something simple :I

Item's Click here

Spells- Crashing wave steam glyph Flaming carpet glyph, Meteorite,Fecaspholocles,Feca staff

Stats 10 resist,5 regen,asmuch hp after 7,7,7,6 all damage, All into lock, 20 block then crit,

passives- All maxed,

Actives- glyph or armor 7,Teleportation 9,inversion 9

(sorry for it being tiny :I i wrote for an hour it only posted up to 15 words. forgive me for this smaller version of the post v.v)
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I don't know if 2-3-1 setup is even possible.
Did you tried to set it up in any calculator?

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