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Upcoming re-stat (80) - Thoughts on my proposed build please - Earth/Water PvP

By Troutmask November 13, 2014, 12:13:25

So my level 80 re-stat is soon approaching, if I stop levelling my professions on my other char that is...

I recently built a Feca as it seemed nice and complex and frankly I was a little tired of my Cra. I'm not really fussed about endgame stuff and thought it might be good anyway for PvP to pick a level and stick there. Level 80 seemed like a good bet because of the re-stat etc. I Wakfu'd my re-stat at thirty because I managed to miss it altogether. I logged out for a few days, which was stupidface, so I really want to get this one sorted. Anyway....






Water - Steam 80, Crashing Wave 80

Earth - Fecabo 80, Fecastaff 80

Everything else even spread for resists?

Specialities - Glyph or Armour 7, Feca Master 20, Ironclad 20

Other points into Untouchable and Stabilisation?


Int - Resist 10, Regen HP 5, rest into HP

- all into damage or some damage some HP? Also is it worth not skilling fire skills for resist and then skilling the fire resist and dam/HP instead for instance?

- Lock and initiative even match? Preferably go first to set armours/glyphs?

- Critical hits 20 then Block?

- AP and MP


Link to my proposed gear build on Wakfu Elements set builder (Is this up to date?)

Any comments on the gear and what to put Stats in or any variations on the skills would be most helpful. I chose Fecabo over fecammer because the inline aspect seems frustrating and its higher cost means it is less flexible.

I realise you could kit skill to use higher gear but the calculation as to whether it was worth it and the investment to get the gear seem important would it be?

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Troutmask|2014-11-13 12:13:25



Water - Steam 80, Crashing Wave 80

Earth - Fecabo 80, Fecastaff 80

Everything else even spread for resists?

So... Firstly spell levels no longer grant resistances, only damage. Distributing spell levels is now only for attempting to increase your preferred element(s) damage(s), and actually improve spell levels.

As for the spell selection... I honestly would not know what is best, but i can point out some vulnerabilities in the ones you chose:

Earth spells have very very low damage (to compensate that they also give shields).
This is a easily verifiable fact: You can verify in game, or just open the website ( Click here) and just compare steam with defensive orb (both cost 3 AP). Orb deals 61 damage at level 200, steam deals 87. All earth spells follow the same pattern, they deal *significantly* less damage then fire or water spells of the same cost. The only exception is Fecastaff, with increadibly good damage but the harsh limitation of 1cast /turn and 2 mp additional cost. I do agree lower AP spell options are more flexibile, but out of the earth spells Fecammer does have highest damage output per AP, and the best utility (along with the staff glyph), so that may be worth consideration.
61 damage might not seem like that much less then 87, but you must remember that these are the base values that are altered by damage %. if you have 900% all damages, the orb armour would be dealing 610 (base 61 + 900%*61), and steam will deal 870. Its almost 300 damage difference (1/2 of the earth spells entire damage value).
Feca Earth spells are *brutally* underpowered for the purpose of damaging. They are meant to help a tank last longer, not to kill anything.

Additionally, all water spells except drip are ranged only (no close combat range). Thus, if a enemy comes CC with you, your options are only hitting him with weak/ineffective damaging earth spells, or running away (wich may cost you 2 ap for a drip if you do not have enough dodge).

Another criticism i would see as valid is that your spell choices overlap in utility. Steam and crashing wave both grant armor. Earth spells also grant armor. You are not taking any of the other possible utility (MP removal, AP removal, 1 turn damage delay, spells with no need of line of sight, etc).

A question that comes to mind is, why take fecamaster if you are not using fire?
Sure, you also get 2 control and some lock.... But, although the lock may be a annoyance to the enemie at times, i hardly see it being worth 20 specialty points unless you're a tank.
The controll seems equally pointless to me. In PvP i dont see stacking AP glyphs as a good idea. A smart opponent will frequently be able to move you off of them. And investing AP now for gains in 2 turns in PVP is usually not a good idea.

Like i said before, i do not know what is best for PVPing as a feca (specially not at low levels). I just do not intensively PVP with my characters.

I do believe your decisions should depend on the type of PVP you have in mind. 1v1 is *ALOT* different from a 2v2. in a 2v2 a supporting feca with high resistance, provocation and peace armor can really tip the scales and let his team win, but a feca with the same build in a 1v1 would just be wasting 2 specialties.
Additionally, some builds may be excellent against some classes and terrible against others.
Considering you have 1v1 in mind (i believe it is what people usually mean when they say PVP), i would personally probably go earth/fire, with crashing wave, steam, bubble, fecastopheles and natural attack.
Crashing wave would be just for the armor, the other spells because they are the highest damage per AP spells feca's have.
I would self-shield with water spells, or not at all, depending on the fight. Since this spell selection is highly ranged-only, i would stat dodge (or ini just because starting in PVP is almost everything in a balanced fight).

I would also strongly consider taking points in to inversion.

I would expect such a build to be nice against ranged foes like Cras and Xelors (you would also have range, you are a feca so you would have more resistance and shields, etc), but not so good against CC classes like air iops and sacs because your spell selection is heavily ranged and many spells require MP to cast, so moving away, even if you have enough dodge, will weaken your atack.

Please do keep in mind that rarely, if ever, any build is good against everything.
There is a lot of stuff i honestly have no idea. I would have to spend some time playing a level 80 to have any opinion regarding major points (more + damage, or more AP? MP worth it?).

Im not a super PVPer, just a high level feca player, so im not trying to give you a guide or to-do list. Just trying to give some insight and considerations. My hunch is that the initially proposed build could be improved on.

Hope any of that text wall is helpful, and have fun!
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I have feca arround same lvl.

First I was thinking about tri-build but people suggested that 2 element one will be better suitable for 1v1 pvp battles.

What going water/earth what spells have the best synergy?

It is sad that there are hardly any guides for feca.

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I'd written quite a lengthy reply to your very helpful post YetAnotherNewbie but it seems to have dissappeared, probably my own stupidity. Anyway I wanted to say thanks for your suggestions. There is a lot to think about here and I think no matter what I stat it will be somewhat not optimal...I think I have a way to go still re: all the different options in the Feca class.

From what you say Fecammer seems to be worth stating up instead of fecabo so I will likely do that. I will be sticking earth/water though as I like the idea of a race to take less damage rather than deal more. Maybe I can bore my opponents to death...Time will tell I guess. Maybe I will report back here with how I get on once I re-stat and try somethings out.

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Take a look at my guide for Feca in the guide section. I'll answer any questions you may have after you read that.

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