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i ask for help on feca

By September 30, 2014, 15:16:00

Hi to all, i'm a fairly new player on wakfu, and i choose the feca (obviously considering the sub forum), but i am encountering some difficulties with of proceed with the class.Right now i'm at level 27 and i have built it as a water/fire support/dd oriented character, the thing is that it's starting get difficult to dish out decent damage, considering that i am playing mainly solo, and it seem that the debuff is not that great. admittedly there is the fact that i have some thing all over the place, because at the start i didn't know what to do, so i obviously need to respec the feca, but i don't now how to built it better.

this is my spell level:

as for the skills:

INT : reg hp% 5/5, res 2/10

STR : all dmg and elemental resistance

AGI : initiative 4, lock&doge 2

CHANCE : block 6

MAJOR: i took the AP

i also find find myself in CC way much more than i want considering that i go for support and not tank, and in the last 5 level i'm using water spells more than fire, even thought in CC i can't use them.

can someone give me some tips? And sorry for the wall of text.
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I'm fairly new too but I know how hard it is to get a response.

If I were in your position I would focus your Feca Specialties a bit to something like this:

Iron Clad
Feca Master
Teleportation Flux
Glyph / Armor [I'd get this to 7 at the least, but 8 might be better with some of the glyphs/armors]

You might even want to take a look at Inversion, since that will help increase some of your damage if you feel like you aren't hitting hard enough.

I'm currently running Water/Earth so I use my Water spells to Range/Support and my Earth spells for close combat and extra shield. For me is does get pretty simple to level my water spells, considering I tend to range more than get close. But if you want to keep your skills close choose a lower level mob to fight and just use the skills you need to level. Literally force yourself to use only those skills. Once they equal your level they tend to be on par with damage.

Your skills seems fine except, in AGI, if you want to make sure you aren't CC'd you could go for Dodge and if you want to buff before the enemy you could take Initiative. I hear a lot of people touting the importance of lock but I guess it really depends if you're gonna PvE or PvP. Not to mention you can always restat later if it doesn't work well.

As for your spells, considering you want to support and DD I suggest you focus on 2 water spells and 3 fire spells.

Steam for Glyph for Armor
Crashing Wave for Armor
Meteorite Shower for CC and you can increase crits on yourself/allies.
Volcano for reducing resists on enemies. So hitting harder.
Flaming Carpet for defensive glyph placement and you don't need LoS so that's nice.

Anyway, I hoped I helped or at least gave you something to think about. Maybe someone with more experience can shed some extra light.

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Frist of all thanks for your reply.

So you suggest first taking the bonus block from ironclad for survival purpose, certainly it will be helpful in taking hits better.the problem is that i always go for what give me more abilities so i choose lock & doge out of indecision, but i see what you are getting to.
For the spells you listed, other than meteor shower, are usually my mains tought i go even for bubble, considering the damage per cost is really a good trade off.
how are the earth spells damage wise? the only one i had some use is fecammer, but is really costly to use, and i am intrested in the defence bonus it can give, for you know, survival.
Still thanks a lot for the reply.

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I use Fecablades primarily for my earth skills and the damage seems pretty nice and the armor is a great help in some bad situations. When stacking Steam Glyph, Wave Armor, and armor from Earth attacks I can block/diminish a lot of nasty shots.

I think the Fecahammer would be great but like you I'm leery of the cost. I'd probably try it more if I had more AP. I'm piddling with Defensive Orb but I'm not super impressed with the damage that deals. I'll give it to the next restat to impress me. happy 

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