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Don't quite understand shield mechanics/shieldamount

By Nekomeowncer September 29, 2014, 22:58:23


simple question, can someone explain how the final strength of the shield works? Like Feca Shield says it gives 3 HP *Earth* but it actually blocks a lot more? Thanks in advance!

Also sidequestion, does the amount of charges/plates increase later?

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Its because the shield is boosted by % damage.

So say your earth shield gives 10hp in its tool tip and you have 40% earth damage from equipment, the total will be 14hp in earth shields. However, each attack that hits you will only have 50% of its damage blocked up to the maximum hp of your earth shield.

So you have 14hp in earth shields.
You get hit by an attack that will take 10 hp off you before shield reduction.
After shield reduction we can remove 5 of that damage for a total of 5hp to your shield and 5hp to you.

After damage the shield has 9hp left and you will have lost 5hp to your health.

Next let's say you have also got a Crushing Wave armour on yourself. It's a water shield and is treated differently from the earth shield. Let's say it gives 8hp.

You have 14hp Earth Shield
You have 8hp Water Shield
You get hit by an attack that will take 10 hp off you before shield reduction.
After shield reduction this time we can remove from two different shields
- we can remove 5 of that hp from the first shield hit (5hp to earth) then we have 5hp left to reduce.
- we can remove 2.5 hp from the second shield hit (2.5hp to the water shield) then we have to take 2.5 hp to our health.

However, things get more complicated when we consider Steam Glyph's shield value. Steam Glyph is unique in that it can reduce 100% of the damage up to its HP amount. Steam Glyph hp is removed after the other two types of shield have been hit FIRST.

Shield/Glyph plates do not increase later, so no.

Tip for using Steam Glyph, activate it two linear squares from you and you will immediately get the benefits of the shield rather than having to wait a turn to walk on top of it.

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Grieva beat me to it. biggrin

I think you can get more shield and glyphs from increasing Control. Mine's at 3 right now and I can use 3 glyphs/armors.

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