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Looking for advice on my Water Feca (Next Armor set, build advice)

By September 29, 2014, 11:21:07

I had a nice big long post before it got eaten by Data Vampires. Blaarg. Stupid auto logout.

AAAAANYway, I found this game a little over a week ago when it launched on steam. It’s a nice change of pace from your standard hack and slash.

I went with Feca as he was the only male character design I could stand(lol) and the abilities seemed cool. Most tanking classes are warrior types.

After Messing around with all the spells, I decided to go for a Water/Fire feca with the free lvl 30 Respec. I’m currently lvl 57.

Playstyle: I am not a mage. I am not a Feca. I’m a SPG with the armor of a Heavy Tank. I bombard from range, using crashing wave armor and steam glyph to take hits. I play with a summoner friend, so that usually gives me the space I need to stand back and bombard stuff. If solo, I’ll use my knight to give me some breathing room. (Initially I used fire a lot more, but I found I ddnt have time/ap to cast the glyphs, so they became underleveled. I’m considering respeccing to fix this.)


General Skills:


· 1 Resist (would be reallocated on respect)

· 5/5 Regen

· 8/10 life steal


Dam and resist:

· Fire 4

· Earth 4

· Air 3

· Water 3


· 1 Lock

· 8 Dodge

· 1 D&L

· 1 Berserk Dodge


· Crit 3

· Block 10

· Backstab resist 1 (would reallocate)


· 1 Control and damage. Was initially using a lot of glyphs/armors, but not as much now. Might respect for either AP or range and Damage. Or just keep it, as when I respect, I can make my glyphs useful again. Also, can you explain how final damage/reduction is different from the + damage majors?


Water: lvl 47-53 on all attacks, except Drip. **** you drip.

Fire: lvl 30-35. Out of date, not worth casting. Would respect to just Natural attack, Flaming Carpet, and Fecatopheles and only use their armor/glyphs.

Feca Specialties:

· Glyph/Armor: 8/9 I don’t see the extra 15 points just for 1 more range.

· Perfect Armor: 3/9 Do higher ranks do anything, besides increase rane/ reduce cost? Also sad I can’t cast this on myself.

· Teleport: 2/9 Don’t see too much point to this, as it’s line of sight, and requires something to teleport with. What’s the best way/time to use it?

· Inversion: 4/9 Plan to put more into this. How much does the resist nerf hurt me, really? Also, when I tried casting it on my friend, he said he only got the resist debuff, and not the damage. Can I not buff allies with it?


· Untouchable: 10/20. Plan to pump this more. Great for playing with a summoner, gets me hilarious block bonuses.

· Ironclad: 20/20 Massive resist and +1 range to all water spells? YES PLEASE.


Should I wait for free monthly respec, or do the grind noww? (DEpends how broken you think my build is)

What should my next armor set be? Currently using Imperial Gobbal. I see past lvl 60, most armor sets give you random element buffs, so picking 1 isn't straightforward anymore. Would like one that focuses on water damage, single target damage, or buffs AP.

On that note, considering taking a +AP amulet over my current Golden Idol. I’ve hesitated to give it up because it give massive bonuses, including +30% water damage. But I’m thinking ap is more important now. So what one would give AP and water damage?

Also, I’ve gotten my hands on a Feca’s Shield. Do you think it’s worth it for this build? (+1 to all feca specialties and passives)

Is there one weapon type that’s particularly good for a Feca, or is it just personal preference/whatever stat buffs I can grab?

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Without talking about skills, I want to touch on your attributes, consider maxing your benefits from anything you invest in. As a Feca you don't need Dodge, you have drip armour.

Crit will give you stronger shields as well as damage.

Block will reduce damage but you already have a passive that will give you 60 block and your equipment will give you close to the 100 cap, don't invest in it unless you know you won't hit the cap.

Lock .... that is all. The more lock you have the more resist you have. Get lock, not multi lock, not dodge lock, just regular lock.

I prefer Air and Fire for damage and resists since I do PvP, but PvE will take all sorts, so your choice.

Regen is fine, after that HP all the way.

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alright, thanks. i admit i made this build without knowing how everything worked yet. ill keep it in mind when i respec.

I actually have 3 passives that give lock, what 1 do i max 1st? stabilization aura, because of the auto lock?

also, if i lock an enemy, can i walk away and still have him locked? Water spec heeds minimum distance to work.

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