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Very worried for DPS (Fire and otherwise)

By brandnewgalaxy February 10, 2014, 20:10:22
So I spent a few days on the beta server testing out my Feca (he's only mid 60's on the main server) and I'm generally very concerned about DPS?

Fire glyphs only activate at the beginning of enemy turn so there's no push/pull mechanics (using sidekicks or allies) to increase glyph DPS.

Maybe I'm getting worked up over nothing, but there's a huge lack of tank gear and it's going to make Fecas very difficult to level solo or even with a few sidekicks.
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I love that new glyph system, finally dofus glyphs are here.

Current feca glyphs works as traps, and traps are for srams. (i hope they will have more traps with sram revamp)

Our new glyphs are for that: if you dont want hit single target, use them and hit multiple targets.

And if you want fight with them, you must keep enemies on it. You can lock them or use -mp glyph. (Or maybe you can push/pull them if you have a krobax)
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I agree on soloing but other than that, I think it's only natural that Feca's are a bit behind in damage. With their access to tanking skills, they could easily become extremely strong damagers while at the same time retaining their ability to survive which... probably isn't very balanced.

Glyphs do feel a lot more limited than the old version which was admittedly a bit broken though. Mainly in that you can basically calculate how much damage your glyphs will do at the end of its run. Before it was quite varied so it's honestly not much better than just having the skill AoE... except that it comes with the annoying necessity of having to push the glyph or somehow keep monsters on the glyph to reach its full potential.
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Glyph are dead, Why spend +1 AP on attaking to do a glyph, when u can attack with earth and get a shiny free armour? Lolz.

Fire feca are dead.
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Right now the best feca is earth. Get high enough resist, thanks to lock, and high enough % earth dmg ( lets says 500 % to 600 %) you can do any and all content. You just wont get pick'd for content where a rush strat is needed, cause earth fecas dmg was scaled down for the armor.

Water is the best DPS imo. My feca has like 9 range on bubble, 7 with avalanche 7 with steam. Like 2/5 of the spells require no LoS. Cra's 2.0, maybe better cause they got more no LoS spells.

Now fire... fire is crap as a DPT. It's a "staller" DPT and what i mean by staller is that the fire feca DPT game play is " Im going to put an armor on you or a glyph, and you just wait for it to take effect, then you'll see my dmg" In PvP any other class will one turn the feca, in PvM mobs general resist are soo high that you'd be hitting as hard as a water eni... There are so many things wrong with this Fire feca.. i'd rather have the onld glyphs with these new spells.
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1.5 yr play as feca, said no one bad word then they nerf AP buff from earth branch, no word then nerf water crash wave, but this revamp is just rip'd feca at all.

now we get 1/4 of yesterday's feca, what the фак, I can place n-glyph, use AP to cast spell on it, but get nothing for this!? i can cast n-armor but can't activate with all spectre of spells, developers lost their imagination?

worst patch ever
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The worst of all? Feca 2012 dev log seems how to say it "An advancement" in fecas, but the feca of 2014 is like 3 steps back.

Lulz, and my CM said to me "Want a god job or a shitty job (Not literaly his words)" 7 years with ankama, you cant sell smoke to me any more.

As I know since the first day i read "revamp" y read "nerf"

"Glyph revamp" months ago? Nerf.
"Level cap to 200 on spells" Nerf
"New item rework" Nerf

Nerf nerfs for all in all colours and flavours.

Any DPS class still hit me for 600 a turn. When i hit them like 100 a turn LOOOOOOOOL


You spend 1AP on making glyph, but the glyph damage is like ... rectify. IT`S SHIT.


Only viable feca = AP/CRIT Earth/Water other fecas are literaly, trash cans with legs. And people call me mad or crazy.... Nice on ankafail again. try next year.

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