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Important Question on Fire Feca..

By CroatsWarning November 14, 2013, 18:22:29
So I am puzzled at why they would change fecastopheles to the way it works now, I equipt armor to myself and feles it up, Yet It does nothing to anything surrounding me, Yet the only thing it will damage are my own teamates or myself.. Is this Intended? I mean what purpose would this serve to Anybody besides a troll.

I play as a Fire rogue and an assist Fire feca along side my main player, I have been away for a few months but this change I WOULD HOPE is just a Bug right now or Some kind of mistake.

I am hoping the above and that ankama does not have a potato working in development.
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Hasn't it been like that since the last Feca revamp? I think all the fire armors were designed to be put on enemy players and have negative effects. But I don't know how often enemy mobs or opposing players in PvP would stand in melee range of each other, to trigger pheles?
Probably will be addressed in the next revamp anyways.
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I have no idea, but even in pvp, it would only damage you, or your team mates.

I cannot see the logic in it being like this on purpose. it completely makes it not usable as an armor in any situation, as to where It was fine before the change.. it is one of the basics that holds a firefeca to be playable.
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It was intended as a Harmor that you put on enemies. I don't think it was ever intended to be an offensive Harmor for you to cast on yourself. You put it on enemies, and if they come into contact with their teammates they'll harm them.

In stark contrast, now that fire mastery affects fire glyphs, Fire Feca glyphers are now on a similar par as Firewall Rogue. I think they're better now and I made my Feca fire as a result of these changes.

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You don't understand... Even if you put it on an enemy, it hurts you and your team mates, it only hurts you and your party if you cast it on a enemy, yourself, or a friend.

anything you cast it on, It only hurts You or you're team.
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Oh, ok. That really doesn't make sense. Do enemies other than the armored one take damage? If not, must just be a bug that got missed. (But, really why would anything need to change with the current Feca at this point?)
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Scenario so every one Knows what I'm talking about..

Your Party:

Feca 1 casts feles harmor on Feca1, Iop1 runs over to feca1 and on turn is damaged by feca1.

Feca1 casts feles harmor on gobball1, gobball2 runs over to gobball1, Unharmed. Gobball1 then runs up to feca1, (Feca1 still has feles harmor on) Feca1 is damaged by gobball1, and then Gobball1 is undamaged by feca1's feles harmor..

I hope this clears everything up..
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yaeh, it doenst work anymore

before : 2 allies with pheles armors close together = no damage on either of them when start their turn but damage the enemies in contact. enemy with pheles armor not damage feca's ally, but damage other enemy in contact instead.

now : 2 enemies with pheles armors close together = no damage on both enemies when start their turn. but damage every allies in contact when start their turn. ally with pheles armor when start close to other allies will do damage on them.

In short , 0 possible way to make pheles armor do damage on enemy.

all swapped.
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YES, What razept said!
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Yeah, I noticed this too. HUGE BUG! I tried every which way for it to work properly. It hurts fire feca tremendously. That armor use to be awesome but now it's completely useless. Hopefully it get fixed in the revamp.
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Hi i just start play the game, and dont know how to set pheles harmor, any advice. When i set on my character, its do nothing, set on enemy the pheles harmor just burn my character when i get close.
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