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A few potential fixes for srams

By ZephyrYrael - MEMBER - April 04, 2012, 19:53:15

I think one of the biggest problems with srams at the moment, aside from number tweaks on many abilities and the scaling on hemorrhage, is the double. Although the hp based double bombing exploited a flaw in the design of the ability, I think the overall principle of the ability was sound in open beta. The double, lacking any kind of concrete survivability, should demand some sort of price for its destruction; this way it gains a sort of staying power. The problem is that this price was too great, to the point where it overtook the main function of the double: acting as a tactical extension of the sram's abilities and an augment to his damaging ability. Moreover, double bombing allowed a character to build purely as a tank AND deal copious amounts of damage from a safe distance.

Taking a look at the double post launch, it has very obviously been significantly weakened from its previous incarnation. The nerf to its damage at lower levels was a necessary evil in my opinion, however with the removal of the bomb functionality the double has become incredibly vulnerable; it is easy to remove in both PvP and PvM. In PvM it requires careful micro to stay alive, particularly so in large fights where monsters approach from multiple directions; often I find myself re summoning my double every turn, only to see it immediately destroyed afterwards. In PvP it demands only 1 or 2 ap to use even the weakest attack to destroy it; for many classes with AOE abilities it demands even less.

TLDR: The double no longer presents any incentives to be left alive by opponents. The loss of the explosion has made it too "fragile".

Having (hopefully) outlined the issue, I'd like to present a few possible solutions:

1. Give the double it's own hp pool. Not necessarily a huge one, maybe a small percentage of your max health. (15-20% maybe?) This would make the double less vulnerable in PvP to cheap attacks, and require that the attacker make some kind of sacrifice to destroy the double. In PvM, this would revive the tank sram build, without making the mistake of converting HP to damage. This change could be accompanied by an increase in the wakfu cost (though I really hate that idea, 3 doubles would be lame) or a slight reduction in the double's damage. Enemies would no longer have to deal with the potential doubling of the sram's dps, but would have to commit to removing that part of the sram's damage rather than simply blowing it away with a 1 ap attack. On the other hand, the reduced double damage (combined with number tweaks across all elements) would make the class less reliant on doubles for damage, possibly diversifying sram builds.

2. Leave the functionality of the double the same, but remove the wakfu cost entirely. It has been frequently pointed out that srams need their doubles in order to compete with the damage of other classes. As most sram players no doubt know, running out of wakfu mid fight leaves you pretty much crippled. If the double is going to be as fragile as it currently is and remain integral to the sram playstyle, it should be a resource that is always available to the player, no matter how long the fight drags on.

3. Allow the double to use weapons. This would increase the generally usability of the double, independently of any other fix. Srams with AoE weapons would become more effective at soloing, srams with ranged weapons would finally have a little more power at range, so on and so forth. As most srams use their abilities for damage, I don't feel that this would really increase the sram's damage considerably or put them out of balance with the other classes.

On a final note, I'd like to suggest a bug fix for srams in general: the double's ability set should never include Double, as a double will never be able to summon a double of its own. This would free up the double's ability pool for another support ability, which would be nice.

^tongue twister

Comments? Thoughts?

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In my own opinion, what I feel needs to be done for Srams at least, isn't a whole lot. But there are some tweaks that will greatly increase our overall ability.

Invisibility/Perception needs some sort of overhaul. The WP cost on invis is outrageous, considering how easily you can be locked even at 95% rate of dodge. The dodge/lock wouldn't be as big of a problem, if higher end Air gear actually added an effective amount of dodge... And aside from that issue, higher leveled mobs need their perception removed/lowered. It's impossible to fight the mobs on Kelba/Sadida without popping invis twice in one turn, which costs you 4 WP. And when you get locked in that situation, your remaining 2 WP won't help you at all to survive.

Guile also needs some sort of change. At least revert it to its OB state of costing 2 MP, but don't kill our damage output.

Diversion also needs to not convert your stabber to hemo... That's just ridiculous.

This is all coming from the perspective of an Air Sram though, so.

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