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Invisibility Sram Build, why it sucks

By Ragutou9 - MEMBER (+) - February 22, 2012, 19:12:57

My reserved name for release is "Ghost" so I figured the class and build to match the name would be air sram who utilizes invisibility.

Since there were many exploits I decided to test out how useful this would be I put 400 points into only perception and 100 points into health, I maxed shadow master, invisibility, sram to the bone, double, & look around you.

Now there is 2 ways to be detected.. one is how close you are to the enemy and you can be detected by attacking them, perception I believe only adds bonuses for staying invisible when you are close to the enemy or far away so this doesn't even help with attacking the enemy.

As you can see already now that if you do decide to use your character to go in for an attack on his back you'll have even more chance to become detected from attacking him and when you end your turn because you are right by him.

Having 400 points put into perception and using invisibility I had rather high amounts of perception.. you can use invisibility twice so it stays even higher.

The % chance to stay invisible while attacking is just to low to even make this build efficient.. I feel like when I use this build I'm wasting to many turns trying to not be hit than I am trying to deal out damage? lol.

As well as being detected way to often when I'm "to close" as well as other sram's can just get perception and be able to see me.. full shark set anyone? Crit, Water, Perception.

It doesn't work.. you can't build enough shadowy state to launch off a strong trauma so whatever, that's my thoughts tell me what you guys think.

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Ive always felt the same way, which is why I never bothered giving the build a shot. If a sram were to stay invisible after he attacked, his opponent would in a lot of situations find him/herself in a bit of a hole.

Im not going to argue wether or not I think the srams ability to stay invisible should be raised, its hard to put a number on that.

I am going to say that with maxed shadow master and all lvl 100 spells in the air tree, your chances of staying invisible are a tad slim.

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Also if you didn't get detected after your attack and then try to move.. if you get locked I think you become visible so... Lock can also get you detected, as well as if you are behind your enemy and they try to move and they get locked it also detects you I believe, which is..B.A.D ;/

If you move in on an attack while invisible and let's say you are doing PvP if you use guile and hit them from behind and don't move somewhere on your turn they can just attack you because they know you are right behind them and they can attack squares close-by if you moved a couple squares.

If you get hit you also get detected..... X.x It's no good.

Yeah I think your chances of staying invisible with everything maxed is 60% for Guile, 80% for Forceful Blow and I'm not sure about the others but I still don't feel that 60% WITH EVERYTHING MAXED is only 60%... that's your main priority is to hit their back like what the hell? oh and how about when you are doing PvP when everything isn't maxed yet? 40% to stay invisible with guile? possibly less.

You are sitting there taking this time to go invisible and let's say you decide to use double to have him attack and blow up on the enemy for damage, well that still takes more turns because you aren't attacking with your own character in case they hit you over the double.

It's to many turns just to get the amount of damage in that someone else could without invis......double.. double.. double... double.. Dead? Not yet use all your doubles and then have no guile to win easier.

Oh and anyone trying a Crit sniper Invisi build? Just don't we still don't have enough chance to stay invisible, perception doesn't keep you invisible with attacking.

Yeah I can't really say what would fix them.. I don't know ;/

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Two things. Sram to the bone it a trap, you spent 20 lvls for 10 lvls of preception and you had to pass on both scram / master stabber.

the other thing is your stats are questionable. yes more perception = best chance to stay invis, but you cant get to 100% and you only going to meet other air sram actively stacking the stat. so at best you will see the perception that happens to be on good sets. Then you should skip on hp, you simply dont want to 'tank' anything. Go damage and get the most out of Sc stacks.

I would build 50/100/150 perception then full agility.
invisibility 9/9
shadow master 20/20
master stabber 20/20
double 9/9
scram 3-6/9
diversion 3-6/9 (LAY is good awful for shadow master build, backstab or dont attack)
sram reflex 4-10/20

All that aside invisibility just isnt anywhere near good enough to be worth the trouble

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I'm not sure how this thread was double posted but hey...

Someone on my other thread suggested to try a different approach and go with going invis, use double to deal damage so you stay invis and only use doubles until you run out or they are dead but if they don't die you'll end up with no WP to use guile.

I can understand the whole getting some perception and the rest go full damage but the problem is you won't be doing much guile + forceful blow and keeping invisible at the same time.

Wouldn't a better approach be some perception and full HP ? you would want to have high explosion damage wouldn't you? I can understand you would also want damage for your double to deal but maybe we can do a trio; and go with Perception, HP & Agility?

It would be good to find a fine balance between all 3 of those and to find the best build an invisi sram could do in it's current state.

Max Invis
Max Shadow Master
Max (Master Stabber?) Or is this better used on something else.
Max Double

Scram (I've never used Scram I assume it's good for running away or getting closer to your opponent?)

Diversion (Great for turning them around but might be better going with LAY?)

Sram Reflex (I absolutely love this one but it won't be as useful if you are invisible most of the time, although I was right by my opponent and they used a spell on themselves and it made me move 1 square away while I was invisible lol)

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