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A team for SRAM CENTRIC?

By MusiqueDuMojave#3980 - MEMBER - November 16, 2022, 10:54:05

Hi guys,

I'm playing with 3 characters and I have Osa for melee boost damages et boost damages overall

But I have a question about the third character!!


Why Cra ? Basically, my Sram will be the DPT of the team. She will boost with my Osa and my Osa can buff too my Cra et protect her (not like a Feca, I agree)
That mean I have a good distance DPT and my SRAM !
(can play Osa support dpt too)


With this team, I play Osa/Feca for boosting my Sram BUT playing Osa DPT too ! Support dpt I mean. My sram will get boosted a LOT and my OSA can deal damages too every ennemies and I can finish them with Sram


I want to play Ecaflip because I can boost him with Osa (one turn is sram and when Sram moove, my Osa can't reach her atm) and I can boost my Eca too and with my Eca, I can play Earth / Fire and it's a good complementarity with my sram because she is wind/water (I don't like the fire finisher)

But I'm afraid the Eca is weak atm ? But I tell myself (french expression ahah): Bad or not, I will not do some dungeons because i'm playing alone

What do you think ?

PS: sorry for my poor english ! I can read english but make sentences It's a little bit harsh

Have a nice day

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I think all those trios are very solid and can be simply changed depending on the dungeon. If the enemies require a lot of melee combat, Sram, Feca and Eca, but if you also need a Distance damage, Sram, Osa/Feca and Cra. Personaly I think Sram, Osa and Eca can allow you support and damage output at the same time if you build your Eca as both damage and support. (Fair reminder, Healing benefits from ALL Masteries, so you can build your Eca with Distance or Melee Mastery that your heals will also be as strong as these masteries).

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Thanks !! You confirm what I think about Eca!
I'm going to do this ! Eca/Sram/Osa as you said (support dpt both!)

Thanks a lot smile

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Hey! smile
in my opinion having a cra in your team wouldnt be that beneficial because:
1º - You would lack on tanking and team's ability to survive
2º - Cra is overall pretty weak in the meta (at least for pvm)

now having either feca or eca will make your team a lot more solid, specially if feca (which i personally would go for if this was my team even because a lot of the end game dungeons kinda requires a tank)
out of that eca is also pretty solid specially because of the revival skill and heals what can make your team more versatile.
its also nice to point that solid team is composed -in general- for two supports and one dmg dealer and feca works always the best with melee characters.
anyways, good luck in your journey!

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Oh ! Sad for Cra, I didn't Know. The last time I played It's when they destroy Féca (tonic glyph removed) and cra was a good class !!

Thanks for advice because I didn't know for the revive from Eca !
And like Granthese said, If I play the Eca multitask, he could be great and bad everywhere

For the Feca: I will play with 2 heroes only (I don't know when I'm playing with others players ahah) so, It's a good idea until I'm realy thl ?

But I guess I'm going to Eca and stillt think about Feca

Thanks a lot again both of u uwu

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For me
Sram as DD
Eni as Healer
Feca as Supporter

I change feca to cra or masq if need.

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Hello ! Thanks for the answer

But why skip Osa? I'm interesting about your answer because I "lost" 2 PA 15% melee damages + some stats with invocation

And for Eni, it's only for my Feca, right ? Or for the Sram too ? Because my Sram is "independent" but It's only becaus i'm 133

I guess in high dungeon your configuration is way better

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I personally use Sram Sadi Eca. 

Sram - main DD
Sadi - Debuff and Armor, Res. 
Eca - Tank and Healer, and second Res.

Sram main damage dealer is self explanatory. You build weakpoint, you backstab, you kill several enemies per turn. 

Sadida is there for resistance debuff, which can -100 resistance every turn. Time this with your Sram burst and you can do hideous amounts of damage to bosses. Armor from Water skills and some heals if needed. Also can protect themselves with Tree when in danger. 

Ecaflip is my Tank and main Healer. I know, it sounds absolutely crazy but trust me it works. You can use Up to Scratch on high Lucky Day to get large amounts of Lock and Resistance. And Eca has a passive that lets them gain 100% Dodge as Lock, making them both able to move around the battlefield as well as lock enemies.

They also have a Push and a Pull skill, useful for positioning if your Sram needs to save AP for bursting. You will not be using Tarot, you will be using Trance for the bonus heal/damage which lets the Eca be super flexible in any fight. Oh not to mention, they can buff Crit rate with Fleas and give MP to your Sram, letting them do a full damage burst combo without using Wily. 

Hunter is your AoE heal, and one of the few AoE heals in the game which doesn't come from an Eni. This helps you keep your Sadi and Sram alive. They also have Three Cards to debuff resistance as well if Sadida couldn't that turn. 

Image of my Eca Tank at Level 210: 

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What do you think about : Sram/xelor/masq (full support) ?

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