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Your opinion on Srams

By duplus - MEMBER - March 28, 2020, 22:51:46

Hey there,

as a sram main and personally being a sram main seems a bit under the radar, I'd like to hear your opinion on the sram as it is right now.

What is your opinion on the class? Obviously it's lacking in some ways, but thriving in others, but I just want to hear your thoughts about it.


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sram does a ton of single dmg and if you can buff and support the sram. it can be your main boss killer

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You can judge whether the character OP or not, by following questions.

- To have relatively high base damage
- To have real options in element choices
- To have real options in passives
- To have ability to solve dungeon puzzles
- To have pvp-specialized passives and spells
- To have spells which have simple but all good effects at the same time without condition
  (full of stand-alone passives which don't unbewich other passives)
- To have stackable final damage increasing system which never decrease before you use
- To have passives which have no downside or bad side effect
- To have self-sustain methods more than others

Sram has all.
So it is OP.

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Right, so it is a diverse class after all. Thanks for your knowledge

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Sram is cool enough but maybe some variational upgrades on spells to area,distance and ranges.. 

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Woah, how do you have so many negative points? Are you a professional troll or something? o.O

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In my opinion, Srams are fine. I like the high damage that they can deal and the support that they can offer to the team.

The only complain that I have is that if you decide to go for an AoE or Distance build you won't have a Finisher. The 3 of them (the last spell of each branch) are exclusively Single-Target/Close-Combat so you have to stack enough Ambush to compensate this.

It'd be cool if the range of the finishers where extended to 3 tiles so the attacks could consider your distance mastery and you would still need to be very close to the enemy to use it. Or maybe add a passive that lets you modify the range of those spells at the cost of CC Mastery, damage or something.

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If they added a distanced finisher on one of the branches, I think they'd have to nerf that spell or some of the others in the branch, but I absolutely like the idea of it.
For me, a sram is a character who is known for its ST (and melee) and not at all for its AOEs, that's what srams stand for in my opinion and I hope it'd stay that way.

I like the idea of that passive, it would create something quite versatile possibly.

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they shouldn't have heal.

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I appreciate your very constructive reasoning right here. Thank you.

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The gameplay feels kind of bland and stale. 
Fire for healing/killing tanks
Air for positioning 
Water main dmg
i think they can be kinda boring if you dont try to use traps+clone(willy idk how its called in english)... Using him cac+mono using traps as a way to support your backstab dmg is the way to go imo

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I think water is supposed to be debuffing, also yeah they are boring but they are meant to be an easy class

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I personnally think sram is well-rounded. The only wanky thing is trying to base your damage on traps or on aoe, as you'll have no effective way of using your weak points.
However, even though I am a sram main, I think first blood and forceful blod are busted. And if an effective way to use weak points with aoe was added, those two would need a nerf.
The few downsides (in pvm) are definitely hemo, especially with the fire spell that doubles it, and the armour-stealing spell (have you everlooked at the numbers for that last one ?). It's always better to have consistent and higher damage than to stack hemo on a boss that's more often than not invulnerable to indirect damage. Also, the dodge stealing spell feels a bit wanky to use, as it doesn't generate that much weak points ; that might be a thing to update as every other water spell is just better, except the aoe one. On the other hand, not generating that much weak points isn't that bad if you're using fraud (and if you are, you probably won't be using perfidious attack at all, as stealing an ap once out of two tries is weaker than putting 120% damage on the fan spell).
I think that's about it, there really isn't much to say. Ideally I'd want a nerf on scam's healing on low level in exchange for a better scaling, but that really is about it.

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They seem kinda average for PVE, rather weak for PVP. They're viable single-target damage dealers, but in the grand scheme of things, there's no reason to choose Sram over other classes outside of fun niche gimmicky builds. 
They could use more viable variation in their skills.

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Or at least more variation in their spell shapes, I know they are suposed to be this single target master, but even iops who are melee masters have ranged spells

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They are powerful, but I feel like they are a bit boring and repetitive. Just go to enemy, stack weak point, become invisible, spend Weak Points with a finisher, repeat. As someone with a current team of Xelor, Huppermage, Foggernaut and Eniripsa, you can tell I prefer classes that allow me some freedom to break patterns and do whatever I feel like is necessary or plain fun xD (seriously though, Hupper have, like, ENTIRELY DIFFERENT mechanics that are just as efficient and fun).

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I always thouht stacking weak point on yourself is weird.
Weak point is supposed to represent you finding a weak spot you can hit on an enemy so you can hit it for a lethal blow, but ingame you can keep punchin one guy to learn his weak point, then turn around and use it to stab someone else.

I know it's easier to use and probably better balanced as a state on yourself rather then on enemies, but it makes no sense lorewise

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Would be cool if they rephrase it as bloodlust. As you continue to hit and kill enemies, your bloodlust would stack instead of weak point. I think that makes more sense.

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