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PvE Sram Fire/Air vs Water/Air

By Skayts - MEMBER - November 11, 2019, 21:25:51

Greetings! I'm getting back from a long time without playing, and I'm kind of lost with my Sram.
What is the most viable Sram for PvE and if its possible any guides that could help me with stats?

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Water has your main heal and potentially the strongest spell (Perfidious Attack), so I would always pick Water as your second element. I use Fire instead of Air, because the main Air spell is expensive and doesn't fit my ST build. With Air you mainly use Forceful Blow to deal dmg and Trauma for the burst, but one is AoE and the other is ST. Also Execution does more dmg than Trauma with dmg boosts. If you can't use the boost on Execution, you still got Kleptosram from the Water branch to use your 75% Boost from invisibility. You need more Weak Point for Execution than for Trauma, but at the same time Fire/Water will generate more Weak Point than Air/Water, which also means you can use Scam for healing better. I only use Fear and Willy for utility, but even if you go Air, you should use Willy only if you can't get behind your target by moving, as even the Air build will lose dmg from wasting the AP on Willy.

Btw. Perfidious Attacks AP steal is affected by Force of Will, so you can make the spell more reliable by investing your points into it.

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On lower level I'd definitely recommend water/air. The spells are cheaper, the healing from scam is quite big and if you wanted to go for hemorragy, it takes a very long time to stack, which isn't ideal fr quick fights (however it does deal insane damage when stacked up). I won't make a complete guide, however I do recommend not going for pure st, as sram's aoes are completely busted, and generally going for rear over crit is something preferable to me in most cases.
At higher level you'll have probably found out what are the sram's strengths and weaknesses, and so I hope you'd be able to figure out something.

In the end, although everyone has preferences, you can play almost anything on sram on any level (I wouldn't go for st+dis, healing or berserk, even though berserk is kind of usable I surely won't go full berserk, but fire/air works at low level too), so your preferences matter most. The deck system really limits your possibilities in the way that you won't be able to do a bit of everything, so choosing what you want will be the most important thing on sram, as execution isn't generally that hard.

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The only good AoE I know are Forceful Blow and First Blood. There others I don't see?

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