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Are air/fire srams still alive? Back to 2014 trip.

By GreatTrixie - MEMBER - April 10, 2018, 13:41:12

Hello. I play Wakfu like 3-4 years ago. Now i returned and find a couple of changes in it. As i remember i used an air/fire build. It based on  (wily) backstabs, (firstblood) for fast weak point generation and devastating (execution)by using (shadow mastery)+(staber).
Does it still work today? Is there any build for the same gameplay style?
Also all my characteristic points are reroled. And i wonder what should i pick from the new ones?

  1. Intelligence: What an armor health points?
  2. Strenght: I guess i shoud pick melee mastery for my style. But whats next?  Does single target mastery boost skills like (First blood) if i use it only for 1 enemy? Or it only boost single target spells like (Trauma)?
  3. Agility: Since i dont use any ap\mp steal i guess i just max  lock and dodge to get max stacks for sram to the bone bonus.
  4. Fortune: Critical hits+rear mastery.
  5. Major: ap+damage i guess.
Btw can i still reroll characteristics 1 per month for free as it been in 2014?
Oh, and the last question. I have 3 items on my sram what does not match my sram lvl. Like this Prickelback on related pic. I have only 1 kit skill and i am only 117lvl. Is it a bug? Can i equip it again if i unequiped it? Does it even give me any item related bonuses?
Sorry for my bad English and tnx for any answers. 
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Welcome back! Now first off I will say that I have not played Sram all that much, so I will give my opinion regarding the stats from just what I see in multiple builds across all classes an what I know.

  1. Intelligence is the stat where everyone goes +10 elemental resist because it geives you 10 in total and that is a huge amount, I once made an eni and didn't lvl resistance... I heavily regretted that later when I was being hit by a LOT more than other people in dungeons. As for the shield to hp it just gives you a shield based on a % of your maximum hp at the start of combat that acts as extra hp that is not healable and mainly it is used for soaking up some damage and protecting your actual HP, it's alright for mitigating some damage early on in a fight.
  2. Strength: Lately I have seen a LOT of guides saying that you should put at LEAST 10 points into the elemental mastery, so all of your spells have some solid base for damage, they usually sugest leveling that up until after you max out one of those special damages (distance, melee, single, area). As for the single target question I have no idea if AoE skills work like that when you hit an enemy with the middle tile.  All in all I suggest you level up elemental mastery to 10 after your melee gets maxed.
  3. Agility: For a sram lock and dodge are pretty good skills so you're totally fine in this one. (In my opinion.)
  4. Fortune: Same as agility, looks fine.
  5. Major: This also seems fine, maybe lvl up the AP first and do a few fights and see if you need the damage or the mp more? You're close to 125 and if I remember correctly you get another major point then.

What do you mean with "rerolling for free since 2014?" I know there's a booster pack that lets you reset as much as you want, but that's about it. HOWEVER you can make yourself different build stat sheets to test different kinds of builds, or to use them as resets, you can only do it 3 times (I think) after that you'll need to pay for more pages.

And finally: Some items have different levels when in different rarities, for example a lvl 108 amulet can end up as a lvl 115 amulet if you reforge it all the way to Legendary rarity. I think that might be the case of the gear that doesn't match your sram and if that's the case I think you're not getting any benefit from it while having it on and if you take it off you'll have to lvl up to the right level to put it right back on.

Hope this helps and that you enjoy stabbing things!biggrin
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I agree with Warlegs but want to add a couple of thinks.

First Blood is an AoE spell and will never profit from Single Target Mastery but indirect dmg like Hemorrhage from Bled Dry should profit from ST Mastery.

%Armor HP is just like Warlags said a one time shield you get at the beginning of every fight and is counter productive in long fights since your Heal Resist will grow faster.

Finally you don't get free restats once a month but you can do the restat quest with you can get at the Jonk in your nations outpost it's just grinding some low lvl dungeons for common drops and you can repeat it as often you like also it will reset all Skill Pages at once (3 by default if you didn't bought more).

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