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[How not to] gear sram

By FigimOK - MEMBER - March 01, 2018, 01:04:40

Its still this post where im showingoff my sram build but imma remaking it should have been done long ago biggrin

:B:IG note: ruby eppa was chosen over tram ring with aim to have 2 control and, sadly, ruby removes easy way of changing into 13/5 build by switching breastplates so Disembodier is only way :V 

 Let's get started with gear set: 
Hat - Slimy Rockett Headgear
Cape - Coat of the Sorcerer-King
Amulet - Archaic Pendant
Breastplate - Smoke Tabard
Epaulettes - Ruby Epaulettes
Belt - Trapper Belt
Boots - Easandals
Rings - legendary+mythical Gon Door Hinge
Dagger - Crox
One-handed weap - Fogblade
Emblem - cheapest thing with 3% crit hits

its final form: 
3112 overall mastery But as Rikkis-Alt said - this build lacks resists (and this is main reasone why im remaking this post).

so here's a new one:
overall mastery = 3007
105 less than prev build  but resists are 1-2% higher, with is fine..i guess.. (res/dmg fully runed but belt/boots aren't runed so freely add 100 dodge or ini or even 25 willpower in)

  for anyone who forgot/didn't knew:
  • epic rune
Measured:  10% critical hits if the bearer has 40 block or more at the start of combat.
  • relic rune
Brazier: +50% of players Lvl in two secondary masteries (different each turn).
Heartbroken Blood: On odd table turns: The bearer gains 30% Damage Inflicted, and has a 15% damage backfire.  (much thanks to this post)

but it seems ppl like sulik way more than sorcerer coat so here you go:
overall mastery = 2960                                                                                    (rear mastery tho, yikes)
47 less mastery compared to previous build But

still making it...

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Your gear is really good but still need couple of work. 
Having ress for 70% is a must. "You can say, dude its just 1%"
But this is my opinion too
I was speaking with a really good friend of mine and we had this discussion about build.
Against Masqs, you can easily get 1 shotted, 
Osas will destroy you 
elio's will show no mercy
Iops will 1 shot you too.

In other words, you wont be able to kill anybody except Fecas ( No offense to feca players, but you guys know how srams work against you)

As for pve, you really good on pve, but how about Ogrest? He will destroy you. Yes you got Invisibility, but its only once per 3 turns. 

P.S. Your gear is really good, but let me refrain that this is my opinion too. I dont want to show aggression, just saying my thoughts.   

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what set building method is this (which website)?? i've been trying forever to find one smile 
Love the build by the way- I was wondering would it be possible to change the helmet and cape slots? Meaning the relic is Sulik, and the cape becomes Panache cloak? that gives a little more block to work with right off the bat..

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you surely can change into panache+sulik, it offers beter resists/lock&dodge/block% for a price of -75 overall mastery.
and sorry for late reply

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Would you mind sharing your skill deck please ? for tri/melee sram
Im planning to reset my 170 Sram as a tri/melee and im curious about yours ^^


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I'm a little shocked, why did you decide to pump melee attack? And I'd be curious to see your skills :c

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*shrugs* I'd go trap build for pvp, with a fan shield or optimally ogrest's wrath, but it's just another opinion. on the whole, going crit build will inevitably make resistances tougher to obtain.

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please can u tell me a good gear for LV140 PVP Sram , i play trap sram 

please can u tell me a good gear for LV140 PVP Sram , i play trap sram 

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Just gonna leave this here and flex, I enjoy aoe more: (Measured + Stasification)

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

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