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Some advice needed on a trapper build

By Rancidrode - MEMBER - December 29, 2016, 21:39:04

Hey all ! I'm lvl 174 currently and decided to try a trapper PvM build ( yes pvm xD ). I know it's not the best for PvM, but I wanted something unique-ish and something that isn't as straightforward to play and something more fun rather than focusing on efficiency. I've hit a brick wall though and even with abit of research I can't find an up-to-date answer to my questions.
1) What passives would you recommend? I've got the obvious passives -> Ambush, trap and shadow master. Last 2 are abit unknown to me. Right now I'm rolling with Fluctuation and Crazy scheme.
2) What spells would you recommend? I've decided to go for a fire/air build seeing as the fire traps seem to have a slight edge over water. Please don't recommend a tribrid build since I'm too poor for that XD.
3) What gear? I'm currently using Scaly boots, GKC, Bagus, Bank card, Troyle shield, Tropicalei, Jinnun tunic. I'd like to keep all the pieces except the tunic, I'll be replacing it with a withered for more control. I'd need advice on the rest of the pieces if possible smile.
Thanks in advance !
EDIT: forgot to mention I'm using an arachnee and guild kit to go up to 180 ( so up to 180 gear can be recommended ! )

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I used to play Trap Sram on pvp and Distance AoE on pve( traps included) 
Im really sorry that I'm not on mood to talk right now, but i could teach you anything you need to know by discord ( Rikkis#5957 or 5759 ) xD
Or send me a PM in game 
Rikki's Shadow

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