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By Altivare - MEMBER - August 29, 2015, 06:55:48

Any advice for pvp as a sram?

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Well it all depends on what element you are playing, are you bi-elements or tri ? What is your build deck ?
Most of the time if you start first, just backstab and deal a lot of damage the first turn then go invi ( no brain damage ), winning in pvp as a sram is possible against most classes.

Depending on your level, you will be having difficulties with :
- Iop : They deal more damage per turn than you, even if you backstab them, they will still deal more damage comparing to you, they dont even have to hit from the sides or the back, they hit you from the front and out-DamageDeal you. So you have to hit and run, play traps AND USE FEAR. Why FEAR ? Well because they will have to use PA to recover the distance you pushed them wich means less AP to deal damage on you. If you play water take larcency and its passive (Dupery) so like that you can gain MP while removing theirs. If they chose to stay near their banner you build WeakPoint by using spells in a corner, Or you can play with rascalery from afar if you have it in your build, Or play traps with double to activate them. It all depends on your build :/

- Sacri : If you start first dont let them the chance to use cage of blood, RUN, RUN, RUN. Your chance of victory are slightly higher if you dont get caught. Play traps to get under their shield, fire traps to build up hemo are perfect, if not water traps to remove AP... If they are under 15% to 20% of their hp they will probably suicide and use cling to OS you, like really, they are able to deal up to 50% of your hp or more so.. go invi when the time needs it, dont use it every 3 turn. If they got Cage of blood on you there is 1/4 chance that they find you when you are invi, so pray Sram God for some help. By the way, the range of Cage of blood is 8 so again fear is needed.

-Feca : Well, they are annoying for sure, traps and heal yourself everytime you can, on them or on double if you have it. They have ton of lock, use tricky blow to get away when you can or fear to put them in their glyph ( Evil laugh ). But you wont be able to do that when they are stabilized so always keep double in a strategic place so you can escape by using Wily on it. Or use double to push them in your traps. When they got in invincible mode, use Water traps so they have less AP to play next turn.

Osa : You wont be able to kill them or have a chance to kill them before lvl 120 if you are Water/Air. Fatass Crow have around 1150 hp, plus -+600 when he resurect because of their passive, Take Murderer as a passive, it's a must have for each time you kill a summon you get 500 hp back ( Well the passive is a bit bugged because you dont get 500 hp back when you kill the summon after its resurected wich should be the case because you killed it twice, anyway there is a bug there but seems like ankama wont do anything about it ). Around lvl 120 you are able to deal at least 1500 damage per turn. Weaken the osa and the summon with traps, fire traps build up hemo but then dont forget to put hemo on them everytime after that to maximize its effect, Or play with water traps so they have less AP to boost their summon or deal damage on you. Try to push the summon to activate the traps so you deal damage on the Osa and the summon at the same time, then finnish off the summon. At lvl 120 you can easily Kill the Crow and the Jelly. Yeap, Most Osa take Red jelly wich have -2% Water resis, 3 Swindlesram, 2 to kill it the first time, 1 when he resurect. If they have Jelly of a different color just use the element in wich they are weak or your strongest element. Dont play around with the summons too much, go for the Osa when you can, once Fatass Crow is dead you are able to move freely(Some have more than 1 Fatass Crow, kill them all while regenering hp with Murderer), you can go DD the Osa's face or play traps from afar with double just dont forget to heal up yourself on summon ( when you play traps ) or directly on osa.
Btw : A good fire Sram is able to kill an Osa WAY before lvl 120 smile, Traps & Co : Hémorrhage.

Sadida : Damage deal his face as much as you can, the longer the fight, the more summons he have, the more he heals up and the more you are screwed.

Xélor : Start before them or you are dead, I advise using the +Ini boost in this case

Rogue : Start before them or they are going to remove you MP and deal a lot of damage on you ( Fire Rogue ), Play with larcency and its passive to restrain their movements and so they stay in range to get their back with Wily. If they are not fire then go in melee then go invi once every 3 turn, not that complicated.

Masqueraiders : While most Srams are jealous of their double, I'm not, it please me, thank god for that double. It's their biggest strength but at the same their biggest weakness, How ? : TRAPS TRAPS TRAPS, TR-TR-TRAPS. Put lot of them, make your double sram push their double masqueraider or push it yourself that will trigger the traps that you put near the Masqueraider. That will deal x2 damage on them. Let's say you do 300 damage per trap on 45% resistance, you put 3 traps = 300x3x2 => 1800 on the masqueraider and 900 on the double, 2700 damage with traps, and I didnt even count the Hemo damage if its a fire trap. Water traps reduce AP for both the double and the masqueraider so it can be a good choice too, Air traps are mostly there to run away or go in melee against your oponent, in 11 AP or 12 AP mode you can use 2 air traps ( 4 AP) 2 Water/Fire traps (6PA) then FEAR ( 12 AP mode here), just like that you deal damage and tp the enemy far away from you ( max range between air traps is 6 for the Teleportation to work ). Masqueraider are annoying because they can heal up a lot with their double but its kind of countered by the damage our traps can do on the double and on the Masque biggrin

These are the classes I was having some difficulty against, if you have any questions feel free to ask but as you can see, in pvp I play mostly with traps smile. I'm Air/Water but I got Bled dry maxed in my build, Trying to be tri-element to max out Fire traps damage.

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Could you please explain what build a sram around level 80 should have and what we should be aiming for in pvp. Also which class is the most difficult to overcome in pvp assuming that the opponent executes his/her moves well?

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