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What sets to go for next ?

By Rancidrode - MEMBER - June 18, 2015, 13:23:21

So I've reached 100+ recently ! ( 106 now ) and I'm an air/water sram and wondering what sets I should go for next. Currently wearing a Moowolf set and vampyro parts.

PS: I KNOW SETS DONT GIVE BONUSES ANYMORE !!! ( Have to capitalize that since way too many people keep mentioning this while I already know -,-" ).

Thanks in advance.

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Your next should be Necroforged/Ponktius/Castuc/Blackspore mixture.You should get a Sugnuf Skin afterwards, Deathkap(Solomonk/Wa Cwown), I recommend Woboots+DV Epps/Harry Boots/Nettlez as your relic/epic but feel free to experiment. Your gear actually depends on your skillset+playstyle, look for items in Wakfu Encyclopedia in official site, it should help you choose what gears you want to wear (140ish I recommend fungopole crafted items+HC spore drop mix with boney zwombbit(Grand Viziew highly longshot for sram) , Guawd/Wobot set parts). Hope I helped.

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Ponktius is definitely a good set to aim for (but the dungeon is lv118, so get comfy with your items), as well as Dragon Pig (very expensive and a fantastic set, but the boss is lv125 and fights like if he was lv150). Until then, try and grab the Solomonk relic from the Ambassador's Wing dungeon (which is lv108), which is a huge upgrade for your Sram.

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Stick to dual element stuff, gives a higher percentage than tri.. DP is tri element so no point in getting
you CAN but get anything that have biger bonuses

Figure out what kind of relic+epic you want to have, and work on those gear will just come while you farm it..

Can start with solomonk, giving you full 10x Necroforged sets by the time you pick your second fragment.

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