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100% pure trap sram viable?

By dragons769 November 25, 2014, 18:38:56

is 100% Pure trap sram a viable approach? im comming from dofus and im just wondering.

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No. There is a lot of utility from it but the current meta is tank and spank. aka just get damage and then use double for tank and push.

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Just to add a little substance for other srams wondering the same question. Few reasons its difficult

Building purely around traps is difficult due to the limit of 2 per turn (level 6+) and even with them costing 3 at level 9.

They are hard to base a build around due to the lack of weakness generation.

While bled dry is a great standalone skill, (for laceration traps), the other trap base skills have a harder time being used. Swindlesram (for silence traps) may offer -2ap, but the base skill itself is just damage and requires leveling theft to make use of the +lock/-dodge loot and hyperaction builds up for the loss of ap so they are less effective if used consecutively , and tricky blow (fog trap) allows for great map manipulation, but is mostly relegated to movement that turn, as the trap is visible. All traps do the same base damage, with the first two being AoE, and the last being a single cell. Bled Dry does apply hemo, and is useful if you cannot reach a target, or wish to do an aoe.

All this being said, traps are more about support utility now, they can allow for some great burst when used in conjuction with each other, (4 lacerations and using foggy to put an enemy in them), or for ap reduction.

For traps to be more viable, they need the ability to boost aoe, be used more than 2x a turn, and the skills attached to them should be useful. With spell exp as it currently stands, a trap build isn't viable, but they are very useful in certain situations for those that can take advantage of the traps and to know when to use and not use them.

One particular use i like for laceration and silence traps, is to block pushes (where a character is pushed or pulled a number of cells) such as the ochu whatever summons from osa, as they will stop when they trigger the effect.)

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