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How to solo Leaping Coprinus (Black Spores)

By SSBKewkky - MEMBER - April 21, 2014, 01:06:26
Made for my Fire/Water Sram guide, which can be found here.

I was originally gonna make a guide to soloing all the Black Spore mobs, but to be honest, this one is the easiest to kill, so I decided to make a guide on this guy. Nothing special, but just in case anyone wants to know. Leaping Coprinus is lv125 and has 190 Ini, so if you can get 191+ ini, you're set! If not, you're still good to go, but you're not as carefree to do whatever you want due to having to heal before the fight ends. Either way, you end the fight fully healed, or almost.


First, you want to find a solo group! Leaping Coprinus is the best target here since he's very predictable, and him being a fire attacker and water weak, while you have fire resists and heal using water moves, you can afford to take his hits. Once you find one, start near it. He can pretty much catch up to you anywhere, so just start somewhere where once your turn starts, there's no obstacles around.

Once you start the fight and he attacks (or you go first, if you have the ini), you'll start by using Diversion to try and turn him around. If you have damage, use Bloody Ripoff to heal some. If not, then just go for a Bloody Ripoff for the damage. If he doesn't turn around, try a 2nd Diversion, but now you can only use Bloody Ripoff, or else you won't have enough AP for the rest of the turn. After attacking, you'll use Fear to push him away from you, use Invis, then walk 3 spaces in one direction and end your turn.

The enemy's turn will always look like this. He's going to walk away 1 or 2 spaces, turn around, and jump back to where he started from. As long as you're far enough, his AoE won't hit you, and he'll end his turn with his back exposed in the direction he came from.

On your turn, you'll summon a Sram on the side that the enemy's back is exposed. That's all you'll do in your turn, since you don't want to get revealed, and all your WP will be used for doubles. Once your double's out, walk behind the enemy and use Petty Theft and First Blood. You should take a good chunk of your enemy's HP with that. After that, pass your turn.

The enemy will do the same thing yet again, and every turn after that. He'll move away two spaces, jump back to where he started, and kill your double. After that, he'll pass, leaving his back exposed in the direction he came from again. Simply resummon a double, walk behind the enemy, and Petty Theft + First Blood again, then pass.

You repeat the same thing over and over again, until the enemy is almost dead. Once he is, simply approach him, and use 3 Bloody Ripoffs to heal yourself as you kill him. Make sure you can finish him off with those 3 though! It'd suck if you can't and end up taking damage for no reason.

Finish it off, and voila! Another easy victory for a Fire/Water Sram soloer! And no bread usage!


As a side note, any Sram can do this. Simply replace all the moves for that of any other element. However, Fire/Water have the most success here due to the enemy's resistances and fire damage.
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