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[Suggestions for Sram Revamp] By the community

By GJTora - MEMBER - June 13, 2013, 19:52:26
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too lazy to get into it too much but i'd like to see traps and yes perception gear after lvl 60 would be amazing.


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double should get something like 5%-10% of your health pointsph34r 

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ًWill we get revamp soon for Sram Class ?

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Yes of course, wait for December.
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Although I am not sure if others may agree with me on this, I have had this idea for a while now. I hear many people complaining about how the Sram class is severely messed up. I do not have a solution to the problems many have stated before about the Double ability and others though my idea was to expand more on the diversity of the uses of the Sram branches.

One idea was inspired by the Sadida and the Feca class where they place a mechanic onto the field and change it's use by casting another spell on the mechanic. So for the air branch it may change it to a pushing trap. Water branch a poison trap possibly. The possibilities are nearly endless, but the point is some players miss the traps once used in Dofus.

Another idea that i would like to support is to reincorporate the poison branch back into the Sram class. (though his isn't my idea i still enjoy the sound of it). Dividing the Sram's branches into Damage Branch (Fire), Poison Branch (Water), and Invisible or Trap Branch (Air) or something along those lines.

Main point I am trying to reach is it would be nice to see some more intricacy in the Sram class as you see in the other classes. It seems that the Sram class is a "hack and slash" class where many of the attacks are fairly basic creating a predictable game play for the Sram class.

Thanks for your time and considering this idea.

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