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Air Cra Build!

By ForceOfNature - MEMBER - March 01, 2012, 08:13:59

I'm thinking of going 10 AP and 6 MP build on an air cra o.O what are your thoughts? 2 points into MP and 1 into AP then get 3 ap and 1 mp from equips. 3X storm arrow to plague arrow or something.

Not sure about what specialties but i'd say something like max powerful shooting, archery, heightened vision. Not sure about what to get other than those three.

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It seems to me that having +3AP from equipment is fairly unrealistic, especially given the negative stats that most AP items currently have, and you won't be able to have your +1AP, +2MP from stats until you're level 70 anyway. Even then you're relying on being able to put all of your MP into Storm Arrow which is often not going to be possible.

I think a 8AP/5MP build is much more realistic. You still have a little mobility after using x2 Storm Arrow, you'll actually have some stat points to spare, and you won't have to suffer the large negative ability modifiers that come on the less desirably AP items.

Regardless, as far as support spells I'd seriously look into one of the 2AP or less spells, as frequently you'll need your MP and so can't spend it on another Storm Arrow, and this will give you another viable option to spend that AP on. I haven't decided if I want to invest in Bat's Eye or not yet, but it would seem to synergize well with the air Cra's kit.

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Of course this is meant to be very late game when I get this build. With 2 Gelano rings, all I need is 1 more AP equip to get the 10 AP. Before then I won't bother with geting 10 AP, so theres not really anything negative about it. I know I won't be able to put all MP into storm arrow all the time, but 6 MP is still useful anyways.

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