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Windy Beacon vs Incandecent/ beacon mechanics: bug or design?

By February 05, 2011, 09:10:20

So currently in the beta

If you cast windy beacon and cast homing arrow on it, then the Windy beacon does windy beacon damage and creates pushback of 2 spaces on the enemy(s).
If you cast windy beacon and cast Storm arrow on it, while also having splash damage on the enemy it does windy beacon damage (at least i think it's windy beacon damage) and creates pushback of 2 spaces on the enemy(s)

Alternatively if you cast incandencent beacon and burning arrow on it, then it deals incandecent arrow damage to all targets.
If you cast incandencent beacon and explosive arrow on the enemies and trigger your incandencent beacon with the splash damage, it will first deal explosive arrow damage then incandecent beacon damage.

Much like if you cast seismic beacon and arrow blow, you deal the seismic beacon damage to all targets.
if you cast seismic beacon and then peircing arrow, if it falls in aoe, it'll take both peircing arrow damage and seismic beacon's damage.

If you go air, you cannot use strategy to do double damage with thier TINY aoe 5th level air spell storm arrow... yet if you're fire or earth, you can double up on damage.  Now it's true that with air you can push them against a wall or other things, and push 3 times with homing arrow, but that's no different than incandencent beacon's doubling up on burning arrow, or earth's hitting around corners with their beacon.

Was it designed this way? Because I think it might actually be a bug, that it cancels out your storm arrow's damage with windy beacon, but every other aoe spell works.  I think it might cancel it out simply because it does the beacon push first before the damage (and therefore they are no longer in storm arrow's affected area).  If it were to change like the other beacons, doing the effect afterward it would even everything out.

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It might be a bug, but then again the windy beacon is capable of outputting more damage than stacking the beacons and AoE.  If you manage to land a windy beacon on someone up against the wall (which isn't that hard, considering beacons are basically free) at level zero you can cast three Homing Arrows on the beacon for an impressive 45 damage in a single turn.  In a party format with Iop and Euripsa support pinning said target in the Cra can dump very impressive DPS at a relatively low level.

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I'm not sure if it's bugged or balancing, but the storm arrow damage is calculated after the knock back. If you windy beacon next to a mob next to a barrier they will take the storm arrow damage as well. If you get lucky and score a critical hit with storm arrow, it will actually set windy beacon off again, doubling your beacon and knock damage. Tougher to do, but you could attempt to set up a mob with a windy beacon on either side of it and hit all 3 with storm arrow. Pretty limited tough, and kills your beacons pretty quick.

Windy beacons strength really lies in that extra 6 or 12 knock back damage.

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