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JerryDB's Fire Cra build

By JerryDB - MEMBER - February 07, 2013, 13:24:34
This my build for fire cra's dated 07.02.13 I may not update this guide, so this will be rough.
Please remember a build is just an opinion.

This is a fire cra build. I like all the branches of cra but I just can't stop using explosive arrow KABOOM!.

I will give you two builds in one. The basic's are the same for both builds. The only difference is base stats and how much AP you will go for in the equipment section.

Build A is my original built 8 AP.
Build B is my current OP build 12AP.

Benefits of this build
Good damage
Good tactically
Best against many targets

Bad points
May not be the best in PvP
Low mp so uses WP /beacon sneaking to make up for this
Doesn't start being awesome until high levels with an AP weapon.

This is the order I levelled them, level them in any order you feel
Riddling to one
Powerful shooting to max
Cra precision to max
Heightened Vision to max
Beacon Sneaking to max
Disengage to max
I put the rest of the points on Riddling

The ones I used and why
Riddling to one, why because when against a single monster you can stack it up, so more damage and a greater chance of taking 3 MP. This is best used against a single target for that it stacks up.
Powerful shooting, its simple keep far away and you do more damage, now this passive DOES NOT attack to your damage bonus but does increase your damage, why level this first because it more consistent than precision.
Cra precision this is a random passive which most of the time means you do more damage and sometimes 500% more damage, so at 40% chance your going to do better damage pretty good.
Heightened Vision +3 range and +10% to critical hits awesome
Beacon Sneaking this allows you to jump around the map its pretty OP, but destroys the beacon and need line of sight unlike beacons
Disengage for when you are out of WP or need to save it.

The one's I have missed out
Unbeacon -40hp at level 21 is a lot of damage, at level 100 its so weak you wasted your points
Bat eyes -3 range is not enough really for its cost, why would you make something -50 lock , waste of ap not attacking really.
Archery pointless for this build, because monsters move around so the chances of linking up three fire beacons is low.
Riddling personally I love it robbing mp but with my current level I usually kill things in one turn so I do not get the chance to take mp.
Long distance shooting for this build would not work well as we need our MP and all of our AP.

Build A 1 base ap all the rest intelligence
Build B 2 ap base 1 mp base

The main spells of this build are blazing arrow for single target destruction and Explosive arrow with Incandescent(fire) beacon for multiple targets.
Now personsally I only get spells to level 90 so I gain a few more percentage in attack and resistance.
I use fire beacon at level 51 as the base damage is 3 per ap.

The other spells were levelled mostly for the bonus damage/resistance.

The main attacks blazing when you need to kill a single target it has very nice range if you can not reach the target beacon sneaking to get closer if that works out better,
Explosive arrow should be used with fire beacon for better damage.
A tip for fire beacon and explosive arrow, fire beacon has one less range so always check because if the fire beacon is in the way of your explosive arrow, your damage on that turn will be low, you can of course quickly remove the beacon, and then cast explosive arrow. But then you would have missed out on extra damage.

Another good combo when you can not use explosive because your hit all your team mates, use a fire beacon next to the target (without hitting team mates) and then blinding arrow on both the target and the beacon, and then a blazing arrow to the target, you may hit your team mates with fire beacon but its not that strong.

Also a note from Kootchie, sometimes the target is one square away from hitting multiple targets, so cast air beacon and use homing arrow to push the target one then cast fire beacon (if you can) and then explosive arrow.

Tip use earth beacons for beacon sneaking as air beacon has a longer animation.

Other elements
I would unlock all the air spells, because Retreat arrow come in handy sometimes and homing has range of the whole map really, so at the very least you can say up riddle on one target.Earth is not needed.
Now be aware that my spells have been reset so I have not lost any spell exp on branches I do not attack in so do not worry if your retreat arrow ends up at level +50.

I use a makabow level 100 it also gives +mechanic's
Now all fire sets that add AP and with the remaining items all plus damage equipmentI use ring of satification atm.

They have added many more sets to the game but these are the one's I had in mind.

Gob set
Royal Blibli or Golden Scara
Lunar Set
Dark Hurl

My orginal build uses the scared staff and 8 AP then means I could hit 300 at close range which is good at its level as it meant I didn't use up AP and WP I didn't need to. But now I would recommend 9 AP minimum.

Atm I have very happy with the Dark hurl set with lunar pieces. I have thought about using the MP boots and a half, what happens they give +2 mp every other turn but for the moment I will keep my current equipment.

As you can see I only have two mechanics equipped because I one shot kill most monsters and I find this is enough.

I would suggest getting a damage, dodge or initiative pet, any spare lots of in equipment aim for +fire damage, + range, and some dodge.

Why do I say my build is OP?
Non critical hit damage is 800 a turn each critical hit is 300 and I am 26% crit hit so rough damage a turn is 900 across the map. When you add in a little precision shooting a few more crits its because way over 1,000 most turns with range of most of the map. At tree's I got 4 crits in a row I only did 2000 damage muahahhahahah.

Double explosive arrow is simply epic now crit does 300+ 50 from a beacon crits does 500+ 80 from explosion +50 from beacon .

Have so much ap also allows triple blinding arrow for the iops you can't stop running it.

It also means you can beacon sneaking without losing too much ap that you can still use Explosive+blazing arrow +fire beacon within the same turn.

As I am 26% crit thats every 4 attacks a crit hit well I attack 4 times a turn with blazing ^^.

The other popular build is 9 ap with up to 5 mp. This is a very good build aswell and is much easier to get.By going 12 AP you lose lets say 100% fire damage but you get to attack once more per turn so then critical hits come in the play meaning you should in theory hit more.

Especially using two explosives arrows it will out strip the 9 ap builts damage well from what I have seen at least.

Personally I just love all the ap more attacks per turn is simply awesome, I admit that I should max ridding as more ap=more riddlles but I tend not to need mp taken.
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It's the first Deedo's Fire Cra guide.
And please put space between the words.
Score : 15431
LeroyoreL|2013-02-07 17:28:30
It's the first Deedo's Fire Cra guide.
And please put space between the words.
Thank you, if all cra's go 12 AP we know who to blaime tongue.
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Ive been running 12 ap fire cra at elbor for few months now,
Nice guide, hope it helps other people wink

Ah Puch
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Could you recommend some sets for low lvls? Also you did 2AP base + 1MP base so it is 80lvls for that. After this you put all in int or some in critical?
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If you rely on beacon sneaking a lot I would suggest getting archery to 10. This way you can support your explosive arrow with 1 beacon and at the same time sneak around.

Even if you don't want to rely on beacon chains it is nice extra damage to just put a beacon up inside the group you want to shoot at then. Would be a waste to miss out on that damage.
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