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170 Cra item build help.

By AoiOokami#8439 - MEMBER - April 12, 2021, 12:49:54

Single target and critical mastery

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You might not like to hear this, but single target + crit isn't very good at that level. The gear just isn't that great for those two masteries combined and you can't really reach high enough critical hits, so you will probably only have maybe 50 or 60% critical hits, so crit mastery will only apply on about half of your hits.

I would highly recommend building for single target + distance mastery instead of critical mastery. You can get a lot more overall mastery that way and the mastery will apply on every single hit for more reliable overall damage.

I have a 170 cra build that is using single target / distance mastery gear based around these items:

Ring 1
Ring 2: [RELIC]
Helmet: [EPIC] (Kind of underlevelled, but I'm lazy. Plan to replace this with if I can get lucky and drop one)
Breastplate [+AP item instead of the normal +MP, necessary because my relic is an MP relic instead of an AP relic]
Main hand
Off hand

I hit 12 AP / 6 MP, with about 800 elemental mastery, 400ish single target, 400ish distance mastery after runes, at level 170. My build isn't perfect. I could get a bit more power if I dropped my personal requirement that the build must have +30 prospecting and +30 wisdom, but for me it is important to have those two stats for grinding, even if I sacrifice a little power. Also you can probably use a better epic, I just happened to get a lucky epic with great rune slots for my build so I haven't switched yet even though my cra has outlevelled that Wa Cwown. You can probably use this as a starting point for finding your own optimal build.

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