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Cra build

By LoneEye - MEMBER - November 26, 2020, 18:59:00

Hey am new here, and i need a bit of help to play aoe cra. Is it viable ?

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As far as know, no. Most Cra's skills are ST, the strongest ones at least.

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tl;dr - AoE Cra is awesome to use for mob hunting, money making, dungeon grinding, and plvling after a lengthy initial investment. Learning curve isn't bad at all. It doesn't excel at endgame content (lvl 201+ dungeons, Ogrest, etc.) in my opinion, nor does it excel at late-game boss rooms, arch mobs, etc. Build is sort of glass cannon. Wouldn't recommend as a first char, go with ST instead. ST is more versatile and better suited for boss room, arch mobs, quest fights, etc.

AoE Cra is pretty bonkers, actually. With a good amount of investment in gears\sublimations an AoE Cra can do such wonderful things. I've been playing one for the last month or so at lvl 200+ after fully setup and it genuinely puts a smile on my face just how powerful and quick it can be in regard to farming mats and plvling other characters. Currently I can 1-turn most dungeon rooms up to lvl 156, a handful of rooms in 171 dungeons, and even nearly 1-turn some rooms in 186 dungeons; normal (11) stasis. It really just depends on how the map is setup.

The learning curve isn't too bad at all - working with beacons and using Piercing Arrow can take some getting used to. The build can be glass cannon-ish; so it's not terribly well suited for boss fights, arch mobs, and so on. It excels in hunting mobs and dungeon rooms with a party, especially with a support character or two in the mix. What's nice is, you can setup the build without investing *too* much into AoE mastery specifically, so it still does pretty solid damage in ST. That's why you'll see we still use spells like Raining Arrow, Plauging Arrow, Destructive Arrow, and\or other ST goodies that are suited for whatever dungeon\mobs we're grinding.

Here's a guide someone has setup to get you a good idea of what endgame gear will look like, and will also give you an idea of what it can do.

As you can see, it takes a lot of investment in gears and sublimations to really shine. Because of that, I wouldn't exactly recommend the build if it's your first character, to be honest. If you are just starting out, a single target Cra will be the way to go. ST Cra is actually quite powerful on its own as long as you keep up with decent gear. It would be better suited for late game boss fights, arch mobs, etc., and will be much more versatile throughout the game content.

Truth be told, the only reason I invested a lot of time into making an AoE Cra, is to farm mats quickly [to make money\gear] and to plvl other characters that I make. Currently I'm comfortable and confident in running my team of Eca, Cra, Eni [along with another person who has another couple of damage dealers or support chars] in any 186 dungeon at normal stasis or a little higher depending on the dungeon. Beyond that, however, the Cra has proven lack-luster and I'd much rather swap my AoE Cra for something else. 

I've been playing a Cra for years and have kept up with updates and changes along the way. If you're looking for any advice or looking to learn more about the class, definitely let me know. My main IGN is Zansky, feel free to reach out anytime with questions or anything. I'm usually online around 7PM onward, CST timezone.

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Hello my friend,

Don't build just pure AOE cra
I'd suggest you go distance/crit until Moon dungeons (lvl 185), this way you can still AOE while doing ST at the same time. Destructive Arrow is your main hard hitting spell.

Once you reach Zinit dungeons (lvl 200), you should start investing in ST/distance/crit gears. You DON'T need AOE anymore, due to certain mob mechanics and also it's more effective to nuke mobs. 

Lastly, don't follow the linked guide recommended in the reply above, it's obsolete and irrelevant to end-game gear. That guide needs the old Feca to pull off that strategy (also the examples given were only in s11, so.......).

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Yu are way way way better off going full Distance Crit instead of AoE Cra. 

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