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Tri-Element ST Cra viable (?)

By Xbarrier - MEMBER - April 10, 2020, 20:56:17

Hello, I currently have a lvl 110+ Cra thats using a Tri-Element build focusing on Single Target with high Force of Will to snare out enemies. With most of my points dished out on Distance Mastery and Single Target Master my Cra's damage seems a bit off. Am I doing something wrong here orrr? smile thanks for the help! 

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It's more likely a statistical issue you're facing
The general rule of thumb with builds of any class is

>Specialising into multiple masteries (ST Dist/ST Melee) means more Damage but less options in combat
>Specialising into one mastery type (ST/Dist/AoE) means less damage but more options in combat

The same goes for Mono, Duo, or Tri Element masteries, the more options you give yourself, the less your output is
I believe this fact is only more visible at lower levels due to less versatile gear options
The fact that you have gone Tri element may be weakening your output too much

OR, it might simply be your gear choices or spell rotations
In which case i recommend you consult a guide or an experienced player who plays Cra as their main

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Hey Suspect thanks for the reply! 
Turns out the Cra playstyle complicates me than my usual Sacrier playstyle on burst damages. I was so used to the Sacrier being a "nuke" as Cra is a burst type not relying on a single attack anyways I applied your general rule of thumb and my cra is catching up on DD from my Sacrier (Using your guide btw since 2018 xd). 

Regarding on experts, I couldnt find any recent builds for Cra as most forum posts are from 2017 and 2018 

Thanks for the heads up! 

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