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earth/air cra's build advices

By zeyrik - MEMBER - April 01, 2020, 02:23:10

hi, i have being maining sacrier's for a good time so i decided to try cra's for the record
but since building ranged character is not really my thing, i kinda don't know what to put on stats, or what spells go well with each other...
so i decided to ask the comunity for some advices about cra's build
like...what is better on stats? willpower or dodge?
is it good to put on mayor, AP, MP + dmg, range + dmg, and final damage? or is still better to put resistance instead of range?
what passives or spells are better for an air/earth build?

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I like to use Homing arrow, retreat arrow, plaguing arrow, and storm arrow.
In the earth tree I use lashing, riddling, piercing (raining if you want for when you can't get line of sight)

passives Heightened vision, powerful shooting, cra precision, elusive, devious archer. I haven't hit 200 yet but there's a lot of good passives to choose from once you get there so I guess it's just up to preference

beacon, beacon sneakin', roly-poly and eagle eye are all good skills as well.

I always stat 20 force of will and then dump initiative and then dodge
major I do ap, mp, range, final damage. you can take res if you feel like you need it

Cra is one of those jobs that's really simple and has a lot of options so you obviously don't have to follow what I say 1:1 I feel like this job can be played however you feel comfortable playing it so don't stress and just have fun

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