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Best sidekicks for a Cra? (Solo PvE)

By ZebraDottedLimes#7984 - MEMBER - March 03, 2020, 21:03:46

Played this game years ago, and am (re)starting fresh now. I'm going to buy 2 sidekicks for my Cra (I don't want to purchase a subscription) but have no idea what combo would be best. I assume having at least 1 companion to tank is a good idea, alongside another DD or healer? Are any sidekicks useless/a trap?

Any advice is welcome smile

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For healer, best sidekicks are Pandora and the blue rogue, as for tank, ironicaly the Astrub Knight can be a decent tank with proper gear. Sidekicks are far from useless. But the subscription is really worth it's benefits, trust me.

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Protoflex fits the tank/support role in a decent way. He gets really tanky and can protect you from heavy damage.
Drop knight for healls/buffs. He is better than lumino and pandora in every way. Would be nice if he could revive but that's lumino trick. Hypolire could be an alternative (he can revive and "replicate" damage, buffs and heals) but you would be missing a healer so it's up to you.

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im suggesting for playing fire earth protoflex and air main for dropknight, they are best choice for cra solo and i am still using it perfectly.  just a problem that u need gears for us like ur char or they will die too fast, sidekick not good anymore cause danm hero's system meta: a feca and eni better than 1000times

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