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zinit gears for cra

By rustandi - MEMBER - October 20, 2018, 20:03:13

hey im returnee player and i dont know the newest update gears for cra. anyone know what gears i should use from zinit update. btw my cra level 200. so i need end game gears build. any suggestion?

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I like the Dreggon epic hat: +2 range *cra soul celebrates*

There is a nice pair of boots for ST and one for distance, not sure about the names.
Shoulders:maybe Spicy (ST).
Narjacket seems a good "all round" breastplate.

No idea about Ogrest- or the new Ombrage- equipment.

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hey gimonfu.. thx for ur advice. but im a bit dissapointing about cra with huge range right now. u cant hit enemy behind enemy or walls. thats why im not prefer more +range gear. i saw drehler hat souvenir gear. is that good? if i use drehler hat wat epic i can use as a cra?

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Use Pandawan Hat souv and a Tramontanring. You'll get way more damage output vs. a dregg helmet.

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