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Is cra viable yet?

By inanimexs - MEMBER - August 20, 2018, 17:51:05

I wanna know if we can do a good PvP and PvM with Cra, i dont see a lot cra's after nerf, so i wanna know if it's dead or people just bitching about nerf

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You can still do good dmg, cras are probably the simplest class with the most reliable dmg since its super easy to use.

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Is Fire / Air a good choice?

And how cra recover WP?

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Pretty good. Except for those Zinit mobs which were designed anti-ranged.

Sadly no. No decent way to keep the enemy at bay. Since most Melee classes have lots of closing-in methods.
Maybe in a Group fights if you got a lock-ish frontline, but not in 1v1 (except against other ranged classes, maybe.)

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that's sad...

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Cra's have been beaten to death over the years, built back up, and beaten to death again with back-to back nerfs like Feca and Osa's.

Don't expect anything good, if you like the class, play it, if not then watch the reclass scroll sales come in when Ankama nerfs your favorite classes, and buffs Srams more.

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Nice necro, this thread is a year old
Youre also completely wrong, Cra is currently the single most powerful DD in the game, with only Iop coming close to its output 

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idk how this titles pop up

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