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Looking for a in depth up to date PVE Cra Guide?

By wcball86 - MEMBER - February 01, 2018, 20:42:40

Hello, I have came back and started a new character after many years gone I usually go for classes like Sac, Feca, and the other tank classes. So i decided to try cra but all I see on here are outdated guides and guides that go there is no need for a guide cause cra's got a Nerf so hard go play another class. If anyone has a guide or no where i can find an up to date one i would appreciate it. 

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Hey there! I don't have an up to date pve cra guide (yet) but I have written cra and masqueraider guides in the past so I hope I can help you the best I can with this post recently helped another guy on the discord so i'm gonna copy paste most of what i told him here for you

So these are the spells I use
the main rotation is lashing arrow -> riddling -> riddling -> riddling
If theyre weak to air
you use plaguing 3 times and finish with a storm arrow or a riddling
homing is for when you cant reach things with other spells or are clearing low level dungeons by one shotting
piercing arrow is extremely powerful if you line the beacon up with the aoe and hit the beacon first itll get stronger as it bounces to more targets off of the beacon
dont rely on destructive arrow as your main source of dps it seems like the good idea to do but it's really only useful for burning bosses in dungeons when you have the time to stack riddling on them
raining arrows is no line of sight so its useful for when youre surrounded by enemies or your friends are in the way
ill post stats in a sec
Intelligence: 3 Barrier, 10 Resistance, Rest HP Strength: 20 Single Target, 20 Distance, Rest elemental mastery Agility: 20 initiative, 20 force of will, rest dodge Fortune: 20 Critical hit, rest critical mastery Major: 1 AP, 1 MP, 1 Range, 1 Elemental Resistance (damage sounds like a good idea but late game you will need the resistance it gets really hard)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will try my best to help keep in mind what I posted here is a lot of personal preference if you like spells that aren't on the deck feel free to swap out for them (biting blow for example is a good active to have I just have a hard time finding room for it a lot of the time)

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There is a Spanish one from Airaam Gamer, it really breaks the Cra down

There is a Spanish one from Airaam Gamer, it really breaks the Cra down

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i think nowaday rolypoly not the best option. mobs ez to catch u. change with archery. u can swap ur cra with beacon by using beacon sneakin. it just cost 1 wp with 2 ap. and u can spam 4 beacon it will gives u 26 damage inflicted. bitting blow actualy a must for cra..

change evasive with archery i mean. and roly poly with beacon sneakin..

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