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Shiny Cra

By cute-Azuza - MEMBER - October 31, 2017, 21:30:35

One word for cra playing

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yesterday it was "what should i do" 


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yes and i cant do nothing i have only cra and to lazy to level up another char easiest how i see is to quit . do not see other cra after this update, and  for me is not easy to make it playable alone. back on CS 1.6  till this problem be solved 1-2 years.... biggrin

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Score : 128

pain smile ankama hating the beauty they had createn before, and try nerfing it everytimes they can do.
ankama pls listen me 1 time pls, bring roly poly back with bonus mp pls, u can remmove the resist on roly,remove eagle eyes or whaterver u want, dont making cra being the sidekicks

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