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Cra Rebalance (what now)

By Darkium-Resurection - MEMBER - October 24, 2017, 14:34:31

I want to start a topic about Fire/Earth cras and also earth/air Cras. :wacko:

Instead of mentioning how hard it is to have to deal with so many nerfs on spells let's find a new way of meta to use the spells, I'm a Fire/Earth Cra . ph34r

how can we use the spells now as in order and !specially! guys how to use Rain arrows now that the range can't be modified and also that it is only 4 - 6 range which is more like R.I.P Rain Arrows because we crass need distance, and I refuse to go in even with new nerfed Roly-Poly and still get hit by their long ranged spells.
[Most monsters don't even care about range cause they just need to be close]

I need feed back guys smile

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I have no idea..... the loosing of Plaguing and Raining arrow hurts so much...
Maybe try to rely on Riddling arrow more? in combination with Beacon sneaking?

And this FUCKING IDIOTIC "-Armor" on Plaguing riles me up the most. WHAT. THE. USELESS. HELL?

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You mean like putting a beacon far behind you? cause you can't swap places with it anymore...

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Well I used to use burning arrow for push but will change that now to retreat just for that time when I need a bit of space. Then thinking of exchanging bitting arrow with beacon sneaking for that moment when you are really in trouble and need to get to other side of map? I don't know if should also exchange raining with lashing or riddling?

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Hmmm seems good cause bitting doesn't work without Rain arrows and uhh and uhhhh use blazing arrow to get some mp.

I'm srsly thinking about going wind earth just cause piercing is also AoE
aaaaand, with way of the bow u don't push with Burning arrow so I can care less now that I think of it.
And well u can always use rain arrow if they're behind a wall and not a monster because walls make them a bit far from u since they have to go arround it. so forget Bitting arrow and use somethign else.

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