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Cra Earth/Air - viable?

By Bhormy - MEMBER - May 25, 2017, 22:21:57


My Cra is level 70, 10 AP 4 MP, currently on Air/Earth build - I'm really enjoying this build so far, but I would hate to change it in the future if it's not that good enough in later content. I'm using heroes, my team is Cra, Iop and Eniripsa, but in distance, whenever my Iop can't reach fast a target, my Cra destroys everything with this build. Is it good to keep going? I usually uses 2 Plague + 1 Raining every turn, and Poison when it's ready to go. Sometimes (rarely) I use Destructive. 

And, what's the point of Beacon? I can't find a use to them .-.

Thanks! <3

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Air/Earth is by far the most used Cra build for a reason. Keep going.

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Just use that until you reach Endgame levels (Moon-Zinit) and then switch to a 3-elemental build focusing on distance and crit mastery.

Beacons can be used with:
- air spells (mainly Homing Arrow) to push targets by 2 cells from range.
- fire spells to deal AoE damage and each beacon in Explosive Arrow's AoE will increase it's damage output.
- earth spells to deal AoE damage on a bigger area and it can be used alongside Piercing Arrow too since it rebounds off it.

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i know your coment is rather old and i don't know if you are still playing, but do you remember what spells do you use?

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