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Need some duo advice.

By Plasma-Hex - MEMBER - May 01, 2017, 21:01:31

Another returning player here. I was hoping for some suggestions on good classes to pair with a Cra. Feca seems like the best option as usual, but I've never been interested in them. So hopefully there are some equally decent options I'm unaware of. Thanks in advance.

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You could go with another of the tanky CC-classes.
Iop or Sac.
Or if you take a Sidekick for the tank, get some more ranged.
Fogger for exxample.

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I was thinking about Iop, but I fear that I may get bored with it rather easily. Also, given what I remember about them I don't recall them being particularly tanky.

I heard Sac got a rework and is pretty good now, so I may look them over and give it a shot.

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