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Updated Cra before the update - Tips and Suggestions Wanted (Endgame)

By oPoxielo - MEMBER - April 26, 2017, 14:36:06

Hi Wakfu Cra Community, Ive been reading through various excellent guides posted by Healermaster and Kruzy in terms of end game for cra but what is widely used now? Does hybird ele cra output as much damage as tri? What is the updated equipment set for both builds? Cra Combos? Any updated information is much appreciated. 

Edit : Is bygone cra still viable? 

(Suggestions on this build also please! : )

Guides linked below



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i sugest you swap bygone, use a nedlee and when you reach 200 use the new relic cape,that thing is insane 

this is one os the best builds you can make of course i did not change rings etc, but  you can have a i ideia of what a cra would look next update 
and i  also give you the advice to trade SB boots for that one on the croc dungeon it gives same damage but 40 ini

 and this one is the king build OP damage look those elementals that damage man so op 3291 damage  85% crit 7 range and 6 mp you can even trade the amulet for a duo element one and lose 1 range and get 50 more damage, I hope to be alive and  see my cra with those delicious statuses

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Those are very good builds but currently most of those items are not yet obtainable and since we dont know the release date it just puts a delay of when we will be able to. But that hasnt answered my question of what is the best optimal build currently , Thanks

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i would give 2 weeks for those items get here, but look this build i would go for this one now(look that resist  *_*), you can change boots/ amulets, i like to have 7 range, but you can do fine with just 6 even 5 sometimes, i also use on my cra beach bandage, because sniper style hahah, 
also, i don't think is worth the money neither the time now to get those items, at least on my server they are  expensive as hell, it all comes down to playstyle sometimes you want more range sometimes you want more resist or even little bit of extra damage 

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omg i really want to copy your build when i reach high level but since mine still level 50 so for now i can only using it as my goal build (i bookmarked this page).
can u give me build on range level 50 to 100??
i try many methods of how you combine sets on low level cra, its a bit confusing tbh.
thanks anw and sorry for bad english

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