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Help with cra level 120

By tomowamathebeast - MEMBER - April 12, 2017, 06:23:33

I need help with my cra. He is level 120 but his damage seems to be lacking when compared to other classes. Despite the fact that I have very good gear on him. I hear people talk about how cra is the best DPT class but my cras damage isn't up to par with other classes such as masq or eca. I am a earth fire cra

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The Cra above lvl 190 is different from cra below it, as I know of.

And, don't expect to do more damage then meele classes. Meele classes are the highest dpt in the game. The only advantage a cra has is the ability to shoot from everywhere and easily chip mp. Comparing damage of cra to masq is not a good idea.

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I've noticed I do absolutley garbage damage with a 106 cra compared to 106 eca even when I have better gear on the cra.. The eca was fire/water and cra is earth/fire.

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