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Daggers Sives or Belt of the winds?

By cafesoneca - MEMBER - March 20, 2017, 13:20:00

well i'm changing my sadida to a cra now on the level 190
and i'm going to try a fire/earth build and a earth/air
but  dont know wich relic to use, both are amazing good, and i can buy both with tokens,
i was tending to daggers because there is a belt that gives 165 crit damage and that is  amazing good
but  somepeople said that i should go for belt that is the best for cra, can someone explain wich one is better for PVE/Ubs
and when i should change them?

my build will be distance and crit damage, my epic probly buzzsaw BP, some people told me about palm neck is that good either?

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I vote for Belt of the Winds. My Cra wears one, and as a high level Cra you should have 100% crit so crit damage is your base damage. And you will be hitting like a truck.

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Botw is made for Cra basicly!

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Since you are duo, go Green Belt and Sives

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go 170 relic
bygone hand

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sives is better for 3 elemental cras, while belt of the winds + an ap epic allow you to wear rice cape,which is a reaaaly strong mp cape for it's level but it's a 2ele cape

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