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Good/Best gear for 150 cra

By Krisnick - MEMBER - February 18, 2017, 16:15:56

I just started playing again. I am a lvl147 Cra atm and will be 150 this week. Alot of things have changed since i last played over 2 years ago. Someone told me sets and gear have changed a bit too. So i am at a lost atm. I am looking for mainly PVE gear. I am leaning more towards area damage.

Can anyone give me any advice for gearing at 150+ for a Air/Earth Cra. Right now my gear consists of Dragon Pig and Gwand Vizview pieces. My weapons are Rogmourne and The Bloodthirsty.


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Right now Cra's benefit the most with long distance damage, statting up to lvl 20 instead of elemental mastery gives you most % damage. Since you're an Air/Earth, you mainly benefit from Single target damage as well, so you can stat that as well.

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