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How to build a cra???

By Toastman7 - MEMBER - November 09, 2016, 21:01:25

Came back after a few months and I see the new build manager feature.

I always spend a few hours trying to find the right build for my playstyle... but this build manager seems like it would be a lot of more works trying to find the best build for the best situation with the best items for every build you have.....

Seems like days and days of work just to have a nice list of builds.

Can anyone help me?

I want to enjoy this game, but it feels like it's forcing me to get that stuff done first before going into dungeons and PvP'ing people

I played an air/earth single target cra with beacons as utility

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That's a very standard cra build. And really, learning to play a class is a preference thing more than a "play it this way" because the latter doesn't really teach you, it just gives you something to do.

Distance/ST are your best friends in terms of raw stats, standard stat page is pretty much

Intelligence: 10 resistance, HP to armor (any amount, it's preference here due to various reasons) and the rest into %hp (some people also run barrier, but again, preference.

Strength: 10 general, 20 ST, 20 Distance (based on ST and Distance being best friends for you)

Agility: Any amount of initiative you want, rest into dodge

Chance: 20% critical hit chance, rest into crit damage.

Again, this is *standard*, not the only way to go. Customize as you see fit! If you want a basic reference, go ahead and use this.

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Cra should probably stat mp steal ...Since theirs is so efficient they can basically keep stealing even if hypermovement is shoting through the celling.

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