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Does Carnage affect heals of Voracious Arrow?

By LarryKubiak - MEMBER - September 09, 2016, 19:08:08

that is simple, does Carnage Passive affect heals of Voracious Arrow?

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Carnage passive does affect voracious arrow. It's why my cra doesn't use it.

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The passive Carnage does NOT effect the lifesteal of Voracious Arrow.

I for one am very disappointed about it, cause if it did debuff Voracious, then there would actually be a way to buff our lifesteals too. It seems lifesteals and heals are two completely characteristics. I tried using Voracious with Carnage, Medicine, and Rock passives... but none of them effect lifesteal in any way.

Here is a snippet from my journal for the fight against Mr. Punchy 60% using Carnage passive.

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