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New to game , New to Cra

By SolidPT August 28, 2016, 09:51:43

hi all , i read some posts on forum but im a little lost and confused so i would like some help in some questions pls biggrin

1: Fire/Air skill build
2: status build
3: what equips for level progression and end game
4: recomended nation for fire/air cra
5: good places to lv up
6: tyvm :p

btw i will focus more on pve biggrin 

bump........ :unsure: 

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1 - Fire earth is highly recommended OVER fire air but yo whatever. explosive storm arrow blazing arrow plaguing arrow and homing arrow. add lashing if you wanna be clever.

2 - intel - resist max, maybe a bit of armor and barrier, max H
str - aoe max distance max, rest to general
cha - crit max crit damage max
agi - probably ap mp chip, init, dodge. but you don't take a lot of mp as fire/air
major - ap mp range FD

3 - no, you have a brain, you have the same resources I do, look for gear that has distance damage and aoe damage

4 - doesnt exist, just dont go brakmar if you're on nox

5 - literally map will tell you your recommended level for the area. stick to whatever says your level is welcome. get to like 15 on regular gobballs and then try to do wild gobballs in wild prarie.

6 - np, I was kinda jaded because there's threads about this that you could've read.

my question is why fire air

earth is literally considered the best branch

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tyvm for all the advice,

yes i was looking on forum and read guides, but i was little confused, so i decided to make my own questions :p

" my question is why fire air
earth is literally considered the best branch" ,

simple cause i dont like to be like others, and i like chalenges, fire/air is not "good" but but i will make it "good" if you know what i mean, little hard to explain , but thats how i like to do things, i dont like to be ocnventional and "premade", i heard advices and read opinions but then i do things my way.
once again ty for the replys wink 

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As someone who plays a level 200 fire/air cra I can answer this.

Short Answer:
Getting off area spells is problematic. Foes aren't always clumped together. (It's often hard to get an angle when there is one.) The damage you deal to an individual will always be less with an AoE spell than with a ST spell. Earth/fire offers the best DPS for single target.

More Details:
Unless you have some way to guarantee clumps of foes to hit (like a teamwork-focused panda or sacrier whose turn in the init order is right before yours) you're going to have a hard time. Personally I have a panda with 10/8 build whose entire job (you had ONE job!) is to do battlefield control. I can setup clumps of 3, 4, 5 foes at a time and also can keep foes away from the other chars for endless kiting. It is rather effective in most fights.

That said, any effective cra should have both ST and AoE spells in her deck. Focus on getting gear with distance mastery and critical mastery (you'll often have 100% crits at end game levels). Be wary of gears that offer single target mastery or area mastery unless they are quite a bit better than the alternative.

The bane of earth/fire cras is that they are always trying to build up Riddling on foes to get their big damage. When allies lack situational awareness in this regard it is frustrating. Cra can work well in pairs when one does the riddling for the other.

A lot of this advice assumes you want to be most effective in PvE. Talk to Muffina about her awesome earth/air build for PvP.

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Just a piece of advice for cra class: Aim for the left ear.

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