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Returning Cra

By TheDeridor - MEMBER - May 20, 2016, 07:12:13

I haven't been able play wakfu since early march 2015! I've heard about the changes made to xelor so I have decided to put my level 66 xelor on hold for now and return to my main Cra.

My cra is level 92, geared and stated for air/earth single target damage: 4813-4812-4810-4817-4814-4811-4818-4774-4806-4807-0-0-4801-5072-4802-0-0-0

I believe Cra has changed if I'm not entirely mistaken, I think I remember it being the next to be updated before I left. I need tips on the spells I'm using, the turn comboes I have forgotten etc... As well as where I should be at my current level, I have forgotten entirely where I was! I think the last place I was leveling was that party island... I can't remember if I am close to the next restat (100, 120? idk) or not, so if air/earth is no longer usable solo then a build suggestion for when I can restat would be helpful too.

Thank you so much for any help, I loved this game more than any other when I used to play. I think being able to blast even stronger enemies to bits again like I used to will help me rejoin the game, since everyone I used to play with has moved on...

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Lashing Arrow and Biting Blow are important for your kit..

You should xp at Shhhudoku Kingdom until you reach level 100. You'll get a quest at that point which will get you 4 levels and unlock Ruins of Asparah Gorge which should be your next xp spot.

There are also no more restats after lvl 80.

You can keep playing Air/Earth but end game you're better off switching to 3-elements.

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hunt for a post by me here in cra forums, explaining the spells I use and how I use them

I'm fire/earth, but you can probably adapt the fire portion to air [homing = blazing -- explosive = storm]

welcome back, by the way.


also tri cras suck

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Would you recommend fire/earth? I want to try fire, but cant give up destructive arrow its just too much fun...

Unfortunately, I'm set up for single target so idk if I could really transition without a restat

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